Redneck Me? Milly? Really?

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Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

Time to kick up my heels and laugh a little! I got to thinkin’, how does my redneck show? Hmmm…There’s my love of boots…I got more boots than shoes…Really!

I was home today fighting a yucky cold. Figured some writin’ and rememberin’ was in order to brighten another rainy day. I’ll warn ya, there’s here some redneck language ahead! Gettin’ my hillbilly drawl on! Yeah…I’m droppin’ my “Gs.”

Let’s start with black and blue. Blue is my favorite color in the entire world. And black is my favorite wardrobe color. It’s a staple ya know. Several days ago I wore my black wrap dress. I dug through my many colored camis and pulled out a dark blue but, not navy. Oh that’ll match my blue shawl. Fantastic! Or so I thought.

I got busy and threw on my clothes to get the mornin’ chores done. At work I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Oh! My! Goodness! All the blues and blacks were solids and dark enough to strike me as “Black & Blue” all over. Classic redneck I thought.

As a girl growing up in rural Florida most of us kids ran around ranches, farms, and woods. We were riding horses, ATVs, on tailgates, and trailers. We had sunshine and smiles on our faces with the wind in our hair. We were sweaty hot messes and that’s just from the steamy Florida heat! And bruises? Well everyone had ’em. That’s a part of country life. The wind catches the barn door, a horse stomps (usually on my foot!) or gets spooked. Getting sideswiped against a tree or thrown from a horse was the norm. Between the weather and the animals, we either toughened up or hid in our rooms.

I didn’t learn all the “Southern Lady” tricks to lookin’ good. But, I did get good at quick make-up tricks to cover and hide. But out on “the land,” as dad calls it, makeup is a waste. It just melts into my eyes or onto my clothes. Believe me I tried! Now don’t get me wrong I can dress up real nice, and behave with manners, and all that…if I want to…Hint: I don’t always want to…

Usually we got up, threw on our favorite clothes, and hoped we didn’t ruin ‘em feeding the horses, dogs, cats, and chickens. Then we had to feed ourselves. And since we were cookin’ we might as well feed whoever else happened to be around. All before goin’ to school or work, which by the way started somewhere around 6:30 in the mornin’

Photo by Gül Kurtaran on Unsplash

Now I wouldn’t say I’m a full-on redneck but, there are ways my little bit of redneck blush shows through. Like dressin’ comfortable and my boots! When I moved to the city, I tried to hide my redneck ways. But there are just some things that I don’t want to give up from my former country life. Like my boots! Luckily it was the 80s and boots were all the rage. So instead of my dressy cowgirl boots and riding boots I had dancin’ boots with spike heels!

Who Boy! A disguised redneck in the Club! There were things I just couldn’t leave behind. Did I mention my boots? Yes we redneck folk do repeat ourselves to make a point! I think by now you now know what I like in footwear. {wink}

My redneck shows a little more nowadays because let’s face it I’m a “mature lady” now. And there’s a bit more freedom when you’re “mature.” When I cut loose, people are just gonna laugh. And it’s fun to laugh along with them!

My career is winding down. I don’t have to “dress to impress” anymore. I still want to look nice. I’m just leaving the stuffy power suits to the next generation of go-getters. Trusting God more now gives me the freedom to be a little more like me, the person inside. I find I’m not afraid to be myself as much as in the past. I don’t care near as much as I did in my 20s and 30s. Nothing has to be “just so” for a “mature redneck chick!”

Kick up your heels today and show who you are meant to be! Enjoy! (I gotta grab a tissue!)

Milly {cough, cough, 🙂 }

P.S. I may need a “Redneck Country” Category…hmmm…

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