It’s Back….

Photo by Tina Rataj-Berard on Unsplash

Returning for an encore performance! In all its unholy ugliness! Fear!

This week there are a couple of things going on amidst the whirlwind of activity of my life. First on Tuesday I cut the cable completely. We are without TV service for the first time in my life. I’m done with the crappy service and trying to solve problems through chat boxes (have I mentioned I’m not an IT whiz kid lately?). Das Ende! Fin! The End!

It’s quiet in here…No talking heads except our own…Hmm…Kinda nice. It makes me want to go home and stay there. Guess what? I’m not getting all wound up and anxious. It’s pleasant here with the dryer rolling along and the handheld video game in my prince’s hand creating a soft musical ambiance. So what is missing I wondered.

Then this morning I was talking with a friend in cubeland. She and I are in similar places with our grown kids struggling to fly on their own. We were discussing church, God and kids in general. Our conversation turned to why this generation doesn’t seem to want the leave the nest. They prefer to be at home; gaming, hanging with friends, whatever.

And we noted our millennials stick together. Their friends from high school are still the people they hang with. I made the comment that back in the 80s my friends and I flew in different directions. We wanted to get away. Get out into the world and prove ourselves. So what is holding our millennials back? It hit us square in the middle of the conversation!

It’s fear! In big bold letters: FEAR! The media and information overload is based on fear. What if this happens? Prepare for that! My friend brought up the anxiety disorders running rampant in our kids and ourselves. She also mentioned we have done everything a “good” parent is taught to do…protect our kids from all unforeseen dangers.

It’s not just the millenials dealing with it. I’m dealing with it in the elder care arena. I’m afraid for my dad and want him safe. He’s afraid he is going to run out of money or someone will hurt him. We live in a fear culture.

Back to my earlier question, what has been missing from my home over the last few days? It’s fear. Americans are fed a diet of fear. The news screams about terror, economic collapse, and governmental corruption. There are marches against ordinary values, while Riots and hate roils in the streets. Movies filled with crime and pain. Drama! Drama! Drama! from reality TV shows…Could that be my family? Oh No! Storms! Batten down the hatches! “It’s bad” the weatherman says from a sunny beach!

If it bleeds it leads! Look see! Watch! And I haven’t even touched on the commercials! Oy! Vey! So what happened in my house? The original boom box is shut off. Since I can’t find out the news that truly affects me anyway, why do I have fear playing in the background of my life?

Because, I’m hooked on fear, just like most of America. Enough! Let’s make this a better place. I’m not against being street smart and preparing for stuff. But I am paying attention to those things I overdo. I have been taught fear since I was a little girl. Most of it was taught to me by my father. The original “What If Guy.” I have passed this fear onto my princes and princesses. It’s time to stop the cycle for all of us and begin living.

619What is the opposite of fear? For me it is FAITH! Remember my mug…LET YOUR FAITH BE BIGGER THAN YOUR FEAR…The adventure can’t happen in the vacuum of fear. It takes a leap of faith.

Let’s let go of the fear and take that leap of faith. Turn off the noise and listen with your heart. Love Ya!


“But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore; ye are of more value than many sparrows.”[Luke 12:7 KJV]

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