One of the Princess’ of the Realm coined a new term this week. She had the most “stressfullyist” day ever! Slang Alert!

And I thought I was stressed! Photo by Bradley Wentzel on Unsplash

I’m finally getting to my “mid-week” post today. Thank you for your patience. The week has been super busy and stressful. Then I added in a week-long webinar summit on getting my home healthy!

I didn’t know any of these bloggers or websites so I didn’t promote it. I figured if it wasn’t for me I could just shut it down. I have to say it is like any convention I’ve attended, I’m learning good stuff and other stuff I let go because it’s not for me (at least not right now).

I’m learning a lot and taking notes. I am hoping some of the actions I take will make my home better and help reduce my chronic pain. Whew! Altogether it’s been a stressful week. Figured it was time for some writing (I’m missin’ my writin’), and a little bit of word play. Along came a princess with just the word I needed!

Back to stressfullyist: I have to say I love the term. It seems to fit what I’m doing lately. Today I wanted to forget about all the tasks still undone this week. So ignoring the tasks, let’s play with a new family slang word.

An aside: Have you ever noticed how family and friend units develop their own slang. I love to embrace the slang of my realm. This could become one of my favorite slang terms to sling. At least until a new trendy word comes along.

Taking just the word alone, “Stressfullyist…Stess-ful-ly-ist.” I sound it out thinking what could it mean? What do you think it means? Just how would I define the word?

One of the things about slang is it has a general meaning that can be picked up from the context of the sentence. But most everyone’s interpretation is a bit different from another. I interpret the Princesses’ meaning to be, her day was unexpectedly stressful beyond what she has ever experienced before.

Let’s break it down:

  • Stress: Strain felt by something (at least in this context)
  • -fully: full or full of
  • -ist: following a particular belief, or practicing a particular skill (I find this most interesting)

So using standard English one might say I was practicing a particular skill full of strain! Ack! That sounds like WORK! The other four letter word! Possibly the evil twin to the four letter word we love PLAY!

I’m imagining how the term could be used. How about “I’m getting along at my stressfullyist place of employment. How about you?” I am dealing with the stressfullyist situation in getting all the documents for dad’s Medicaid application. The Princess used the term this way “I’ve had the most stressfullyist day ever.”

The Eldest Prince and I thought it makes a great curse word. Lots of hard sounds, “s” sounds, and syllables. Try it out loud “STRESSFULLYIST!” I might like it almost as much as my great-grandma’s classic “FIDDLESTICKS!”

Is there something creating a stressfullyist day? Yep! Of course there is! Its life, roll with it and shout: STRESSFULLYIST!



Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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