What do I choose…what do others choose. What is the impact of our choices to those around us?

Which Path co I Choose? Aqua? Blush? Photo by Greg Jeanneau on Unsplash

We make choices every day. One of my posts last week, Death vs Life, was also about choices. Jarius chose life for his daughter. A daughter of God chose health.

Life or Death?

Sickness or Health?

Faith or Fear?

These are the choices that jump out at me in the record of Mark 5:21-43. My soul has not let go of the lessons in the scripture just yet. I am still learning about what this means for my life.

What are our choices today? Every single day has its own choices to make. There are choices I make every day because I have committed to certain long-term actions.

Lately I have been surrounded by choices. Some of them are simple. “What’s for dinner mom?”

“I don’t know what do you want?”

“Hot dogs!”

“Ugh! Make them yourself. I’m having a salad!”

“Sweet!” calls the youngest prince.

Some are overwhelming. “What assisted living is good for dad?” That one was a tough one for me since dad refused to consider it until we had to make the choice for him because of his health. This week I’m working on financial decisions for dad. I got wound around the axle between the lawyer and the financial person. I had to stop. I finally told everyone to wait. I need to think and pray.

It’s funny because when time is of the essence. It’s best to not rush the decision. It seems like a paradox. But it is truth. Like Jarius, I have to take a breath, slow down, and believe in Jesus to lead the way.

I am not a financial whiz kid but, I do understand massive tax implications are not a good thing. How much is the penalty? How much is the capital gains? Choices! Choices! Every choice has an impact! What are the impacts to my father! Can I get a straight answer here!  The sick woman’s choice impacted her health. Jarius’ choice impacted his daughter.

Tonight as I settle the day I think of Jarius. To begin with he made a really tough choice in seeking out Jesus. As a synagogue official it probably wasn’t a good political move. His love for his daughter drove him to seek out the Master. Then he receives word, “Your daughter has died…” [Mark 5:35]. It has to be the most devastating words a parent can hear. I watched my mom when my sister died. The impact and devastation was immediate. To me it looked like my parents had been hit with the same physical blow. The life flickered in their eyes. I was afraid it would blink out altogether.

In the midst of the physical shock, Jarius hears two messages. In verse 35 he hears “Why trouble the teacher any longer.” then in verse 36, Jesus says, “Do not be afraid; have faith.” He has choices. Each choice has an impact.

Jarius chose faith and to follow Jesus. A father’s faith brought God to his daughter. His choice and God’s grace brought her back from certain death. Can a daughters’ faith find the right choice for an aging father? I believe so.

I may make some mistakes. I’ve not been trained in financial matters like this. It’s not something the people around me discuss. We are all too busy keeping the wolf from the door to worry about money at end of life. I got the will then shoved everything to the back burner until I could think about it. So did my father. And his father…

I now make my father’s choices because he did not consider this ending. I believe Jesus will help me find the answers I need for him. I know God understands what I need to do. I know he will send me the professionals and information I need to make this massive choice. At least it’s massive for me. For the Creator of the universe. Ah not so big a deal. I think he can handle it!

Lets have a little faith. Jesus will lead the way just as he led Jarius on that day. Love and Peace.


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