Lemongrass and Peanut Butter

Milly’s Knight! Never Give In! (Photo by James Pond on Unsplash)

Monday was in a word Manic! It was “one of THOSE days!” By the end of the day, the old 80s song “Manic Monday” by the Bangles was bopping around in my head. Join me on my funny little adventure!

The dreary weather messed with my sinuses causing me to sniffle like a snotty toddler. Yuk! I slogged through the day. I didn’t want to talk to people. I kept dropping things. It was a “leave her in her cubicle” day. At quitting time I was grateful to head for home.

Except…I had errands to run (eye roll here)! One of the bright spots was stopping at a favorite market. I have a running list of things I need. Organic bananas…check! Matchstick carrots…check! Antibiotic-free eggs…double check!

Then I get to look for new stuff. {Rubbing my hands together.} Well I found body oil I hadn’t seen before. I’m converting my beauty regime to chemical free. Checking the ingredients showed all good stuff. Nothing I didn’t understand. Cool! It comes in a handy little pump bottle I can put it on my desk at work; all at less than 10 bucks! Wow!

That’s where the trouble started. Like a little brat I just couldn’t wait to try it out. I did okay at not breaking the seal on the bottle UNTIL…the stoplights started. I mean really! What do traffic engineers have against the flow of traffic!

Boredom Strikes Again! (Photo by Milly)

Okay don’t get mad at me. I’ve known a couple of really nice traffic engineers. And through them I learned controlling traffic is not nearly as easy as it sounds. God bless them for keeping the chaos to a minimum.

Well the boredom gremlins must have been in the traffic light system just for me. Because I was hitting every bright RED light!. Drumming my fingers on the steering wheel as my audio book played I got bored.

My mind wanders to my bottle of oil. I wonder… The light turns green and we all pay attention, I hope, and move forward. The next light turns red. The guy in front of me stops. I know this light and it’s a long red. I find the little bottle in my hand. Of course I’m bored waiting for light after light so I pick at the plastic seal. Once that was off, I figured. What’s the harm in a little squirt. I wonder what it smells like.

Oh you know what happened next. It was straight out of “I Love Lucy!” I got a palm full of body oil. Opps! I quickly drop the bottle and look at the light. Whew! Thank God for a long red.

Frantic I start rubbing the oil into my hands then up my arms. Good thing I went sleeveless! I managed to keep it off my dress (just barely). The light turned green. I followed the car in front of me with both slick hands on the wheel. By the next stoplight, which was red of course, the oil was soaking into my skin and leather wrapped steering wheel.

By the time I made it to my chiropractor, three red lights later, Spicy Mama (my car) and I reeked of lemongrass. It was like spilling perfume on yourself just as you are rushing out to work! That’s what I get for giving into boredom and curiosity at the same time. It just about killed my sense of smell! So what about the peanut butter?

Well I get home, I’m rushing around with the usual tasks and dinner. I started the dishes. Easy enough right? Well there was an empty jar of peanut butter soaking in the sink. I thought the lid was on it. I pick up the jar to rinse it out for the recycling. You know what happened…The jar lifted up with the lid then dropped into the sink! Plunk! Splash! And that is how I ended up soaked in peanut butter water. My husband came running at my yelp of dismay. He fought to hide the smile quirking his lips as I gave a wail worthy of Lucy; “I smell like lemongrass and peanut butter!”

With that I hit the showers!

Laugh and enjoy! May your adventures be funny too!


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