Dreams Part Duex

I’m still going through papers and what do I find? another dream list from 2012. Imagine my surprise finding dreams when I’m throwing as much paper in the trash or shredder as I can. It was like Erk…back-up! What was that?

This list was done only a year after the first list so there wasn’t a lot of differences. The items not on the 2011 list were:

  1. Ghost Tour @ St. Augustine Lighthouse – Cheesy right? The boys and I actually planned to go but, on the way out the door I received a phone call from Georgia that my husband had a massive heart attack. Obviously we went to Atlanta instead. I haven’t had the desire to do this again. It went into the discard pile. I wonder why?
  2. Redwoods – Hmm maybe. Big trees to go with the big hole in the ground (Grand Canyon). I’ll have to think about that western tour. It’s in my TBC pile (To Be Considered).
  3. Read the Constitution. I actually did this couple of years ago. Check it off the list!
  4. Get my Kicks on Route 66! LOL at this one. I think I liked the sound of it. Something TBC.
  5. Visit the World’s Longest Yard Sale – Hmmm…Another TBC
  6. Invent Something – Really Milly! What were you thinking? Discard.
  7. Travel by Train. I wonder if trains go where I want to go. A TBC.
  8. Caving – Say What? There’d better be some light! I’m not so sure about this.

The 2012 list had 20 items to it. The other 12 dreams were on the 2011 list. So we’re caught up again. I can be a prolific list writer. I hope I don’t come across any more. Now onto the dreams I wrote on January 1, 2017. This list had only 13 items on it. Here’s today’s evaluation:

  1. Finish Bloodlines – Done! That is the first book of my Trilogy.
  2. Publish/Market – Have not gotten here yet – Still on the list.
  3. Restart Sidelines – Done! I am working on Sidelines at the moment. It’s slow going but like the Tortoise I’m going!
  4. Outline Headlines – Nope not yet – Still on the list.                         MillyGoal
  5. Grand Canyon – Not letting go of this Grand Adventure! Just don’t know when. You’ll notice I actually set a goal for this one May 28 – June 3, 2017. Obviously I didn’t make the goal. Let’s just say family comes first and leave it at that.
  6. Financially Fit – This is the finances goal that grew into another phase. We are closer than we’ve ever been. We’ve still got work to do.
  7. Physically Fit – Again closer than I’ve ever been. Still walking!
  8. Pain-Free & Fully Healthy – Well the medical system classifies me as healthy. Okay I’ll take it. No major diseases. So why is there still pain? Besides that, the good news is I recall a few pain-free days in the last several months. Getting better.
  9. My Home – Huh? I’m not sure what I meant here. Discard
  10. Restart “Nightmare.” I started this book literally after a nightmare in 2016. I wrote 19,771 words of the story so far. I didn’t get back to it because I finished NaNoWriMo challenges instead. Because of the challenges, I actually completed a rough draft of “Disrupted.” I can’t resist…Really bad pun alert…I could say this dream was disrupted! {Hee Hee}
  11. Work from home. Still the plan for 2021.
  12. Successful Author. How sweet it sounds! Hoping, praying, and working this dream!
  13. Inspire others. I remember writing this and it taking me by surprise. But I do want to encourage and inspire you to pursue your dreams. This goal is bigger than me. I place this goal in Jesus’ hands. He knows what to do with it.

MillyFollowYourDreamsI do know that I want you the readers of my blog and books, if I am so blessed, to go for your dreams. Big or small our dreams are important. It doesn’t matter how young or old we are. It doesn’t matter how healthy we are. What matters is love for ourselves and our neighbors (Leviticus 19:18; Matthew 22:39; James 2:8). God gave us a brain to think, a will to be ourselves, and a heart to love. With these gifts dreaming comes naturally to us. Let’s not shove our dreams into the back corner anymore. I’m looking for ways to meet my duties and obligations, and put my dreams into action.

I’ll be back next time writing up a new list for 2018 and beyond. Happy day-dreaming my friends,


Note: All of my book titles are working titles. The titles have changed over the years but these were the titles I was using in 2011, 2012, and 2017.

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