What Happened to Milly

20180704_082907 (2)
Busy Bee in the Beauty Berry! Photo by Milly Moss

These last few weeks have been rough. We have a crisis in Milly’s Realm that I cannot yet discuss the details here in the digital world. The situation has disrupted my schedules, sleep, and peace.

On Tuesday I didn’t even think about my blog. My world exploded in a myriad of problems to be solved. Dad was in the ER, we had car problems, etc. It was a race to handle task after task. Exhausted we got through it and everyone is okay.

On Wednesday I found some time. I sat down to write and…crickets! I began to write about Tuesday. I poured out my frustrations. I got so tired that I finally went to bed.

Thursday I gave in to the need for help. I went to an Al Anon meeting for the first time in over two decades. I had to face the fact that I cannot change anyone in my household. I can’t fix this problem. The nights of crying myself to sleep or weeping in the shower didn’t solve it. Long talks didn’t work. Prayer helped but God does not change the will of a person for my sake. He walks with us every day. I can’t make someone pay attention to God even if God is right there with them. I had to acknowledge the first step. I am powerless.

When I got home from the meeting I looked at Wednesday’s draft post. It was a mess. It wasn’t cohesive. It didn’t make sense. Just like Tuesday had been in real life. It was such a tangle I couldn’t find a thread to pull on for a post.

Last night I sat down to write. Again I got nothing. I started scrolling through prompts I’ve written over the years. I came across a post I started in May for my two-year anniversary: “AboutPage2”

I have wanted to update my About Page since the beginning of the year. Things have changed in Milly’s Realm. I have grown and Milly Really has grown with me. I wanted to update the page to reflect my growth. I celebrated my two-year anniversary instead with a post. I kept going back to this prompt. What the hay! I thought. Let’s git ‘r done!

I proceeded to tackle my out of date “About Milly Page.” Today I got the new page up and running. Take a look and let me know what you think. Click Here.

Have a blessed day!


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