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I learned little things this weekend. I wondered how they fit together. Was this a bunch of posts or one…made for today. I came home from Mass looking for inspiration. As I worked in the yard, it came to me these are tidbits from God.

Little bites of knowledge to savor and understand. The synonyms for tidbits are; crumbs, delicacies, morsel, pieces, scraps, and treats. I was given treats to enjoy and share!

This weekend brought me parsley, brain hormones, the Book of Gospels, Numbers 11:25-29, and Mark 9:38-48.

Parsley: My devotional book “Tea Time with God” by Honor Books Page 182 is titled “Parsley.” The verse is:

“…But ye are washed, But ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God. [I Corinthians 6:11*]

The devotion described the purpose of parsley is to cleanse the palate. The author describes how parsley is a trinity plant like clover. As it grows the stem divides into three parts, three stalks and three leaves. I went out and checked my curly parsley plant in my own herb garden. They are right! My parsley has three stalks and three leaves on each stem.

The story continued by pointing out the analogy between a common herb God created to remind us of the Trinity itself: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Parsley cleanses the palate and God through the Son cleanses our souls.

Brain hormones: Because of  my dad’s struggle with Parkinson’s; I’ve been watching the “Regain Your Brain” webinars this week. Some of the interviews have discussed the most effective anti-depressant is exercise. Exercise increases brain hormones to reduce inflammation and improve moods. God built our bodies to move. When we get up and move we are gifted with natural hormones that studies are showing work better than the drugs on the market. How amazing is that! I can enjoy a little sun and movement for a better mood.

The Book of Gospels: I sat in Mass this morning. Our Priest picked up the Book of Gospels moving to show it to the entire congregation before bringing it to the pulpit to read the Gospel before the homily. I caught my breath and held it until he got to the pulpit. I always do. I am anticipating hearing the Word of God. Hearing God’s Word is my favorite part of the Mass. It makes sense because I am an author and I have loved reading since I was a child. I thanked God this morning for providing his Words in the written form for people like me that need to see and touch his Word. The next two tidbits came from today’s readings in the Catholic Mass.

Numbers 11:25-29*: Moses is asked to stop two men from prophesying in the camp because they had not been part of the original group of Elders. In Verse 29 Moses responds: “But Moses answered to him.Are you jealous for my sake? If only all the people of the Lord were prophets! If only the Lord would bestow his spirit on them.”

Mark 9:38-48*: The disciple John tells Jesus someone who was not following Jesus was driving out demons in His name. Jesus states in Verse 39: “Jesus replied, do not prevent him. There is no one who performs a mighty deed in my name who can at the same time speak ill of me. For whosoever is not against us is for us.

Looking at the scriptures side by side I find God is the same for Eternity. He does not change his mind. These scriptures are hundreds of years apart. I also found that God doesn’t follow man’s religious rules. We structure our worship and service to God for our own comfort. God is not confined by our structure.

If we love God, have faith and believe, He responds to us with miracles every day. It doesn’t matter whether we get it “right” or not. What matters is we are “for God.”

I love what Moses says; “If only all the people of the Lord were prophets! If only the Lord would bestow his spirit on them.” Moses knew in God all things are possible. He had seen it: The Red Sea, the burning bush, the Ten Commandments carved by God’s own hand, just to name a few. Moses saw a chosen people full of prophets. We have to believe in God’s purpose in our lives. I prayed to be a prophet today. I have not believed it possible until I read Moses’ statement. We only have to believe.

Taste and See (Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash)

The tidbits became a spiritual tapas menu for me. A tapas menu provides bites for you to savor. Your menu and experience will be different. I can only relate what I found on my plate:

I listened for His Messages through others, dined on His Word, and rested in His Presence. I found God the Creator, Jesus my Savior, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

As the hymn says: Taste and see, taste and see the goodness of the Lord…”** Enjoy!



** Taste and See by James E. Moore



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