Forgive or not…


What does it mean?  (Photo by Milly Moss)

I’m tackling a serious topic. Something I see happening in our culture. Something I find a hard to accept.

It has seeped its way into the cracks and crevices of our society. I’m not sure when or how it actually started but we have fallen for the lies…hook, line and sinker.

I’m not talking politics or religion though both of those entities have fallen for it too. We are on a slippery slope here with God Almighty himself. The evil one’s mission is working splendidly. This is mission creep in action.

When did we become so judgmental and unforgiving. The choice is ours. This choice is blasted through our media, devices, and talk amongst ourselves. It begs the question; Do we forgive or not?

As a Catholic I pray the “Our Father.” Jesus taught us to pray this way in the Sermon on the Mount. We start by acknowledging the holiness of God our Father. We place ourselves under his will. Then the focus changes and we are taught to ask:

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” [Matthew 6:12 NABRE]

But do I actually forgive? I want God’s forgiveness. Jesus in very clear, to be forgiven I must forgive.

Here’s the back story: I went thrift shop hopping on Saturday looking for a desk for the Eldest Prince. Alas, I did not find a desk. I did find other treasures. But really how could I not? I went to four thrift shops!

At the local St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop I found ornaments. They are very special ornaments. Shh! Don’t tell my family… I bought several. But one will not be gifted, except maybe to me {wink}. This one nearly brought me to my knees. I wanted to weep and I wasn’t sure why.

The ornaments are called Sacred Season. They come with cards that explain the meaning of the art. I picked out several. I passed over the one in the picture on my first run through. It didn’t catch my interest. I didn’t understand the scattered ovals and circles. On my second pass through the ornaments I was compelled to pick it up. I read the card:

Cast the First Stone

“Cast the First Stone”

Oh dear God. How many times do I do that in a day? A judgmental thought changes my attitude. I curse someone on the highway. How about hearing a news story and automatically determining the person is racist, sexist, guilty…

Driving to work Monday, I heard the story about this year’s Heisman Trophy winner. Apparently he made some tweets he regrets when he was barely in high school. The news had their expose. I was left sad by a culture that digs up a statement from years ago just to have something to gossip about.

I asked God about it. Forgiveness whispered through my head. I thought, why we don’t forgive anymore. Anything we have ever done, said, or thought may be held against us. To protect ourselves build our peeps around us. We disappear behind the walls of our home.

It is like Kings building castles and armies. Like the song says, “It’s battlefield brother, not a recreation room. It’s a fight and not a game.” The sad thing is…it is a battlefield of our own making.

Guess who is happy to watch us divide into camps against each other. That’s right it’s the Devil. Satan himself is yanking our chains. Yes! We are in chains if we don’t forgive.

I thought about how forgiveness works. In Matthew 6:15, right after the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus teaches:

But if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your transgressions.”

It is as simple as that. If we do not forgive, we will not know forgiveness when it really counts. It is a choice. We have to make the choice to forgive and ask for forgiveness. That is why forgiveness is included when Jesus teaches us how to pray.

Now my ornament makes sense. It asks the question: “Milly which stone will you cast? the purple one? Or how about the yellow?” Do you see why I wanted to weep and kneel?

I wanted to weep with sorrow for the souls lost in this war of gossip and division. I wanted to ask for forgiveness. I wanted to weep for joy for a new chance. I can choose to not throw the stone.

Since I can only start with myself I ask, “Will I choose to forgive or not?”

What will you do?

May the peace of forgiveness rest in your soul,



Milly’s Disclaimer: I am not a theologian by any stretch of the imagination. This is merely my humble interpretation at the moment. I am just applying what I’m learning to the present situation. Thank you for your indulgence.

2 thoughts on “Forgive or not…

  1. No, thank you for being totally honest. How many times we have the same thoughts as you have only we don’t take the time to investigate are search our own Souls.


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