The Door Closes:

A door closes behind me and the stairs lead out into the sunshine!

A door closed in my life. I stepped into the sunshine. Something I haven’t been able to explain clicked. I stepped onto a new path in my journey.

[Note: This is a two-part journey. This post is my God gift of closure and acceptance. The second part, my God gift of respite, will be posted tomorrow.]

The click was audible to me when I sat at my father’s new grave. I pondered the serenity of Florida National Cemetery where dad wanted to rest. His twin brother is buried there. My dad missed his brother for twelve long years, in a way that only a twin could understand. Florida National is a military cemetery. The staff work hard to place family members together.

My dad had no delusions about being placed near his twin. He figured it had been so many years that it wasn’t possible. He just wanted to be laid to rest in the same cemetery as his brother. Dad made this decision easy for me.

With my Dad

We asked the VA if it was possible for him to be close to his twin brother. Somehow, the Staff found a spot diagonally across the lane. As I sat near him, my hand on the spot where they buried his urn, I looked towards my uncle’s spot. I realized the headstones actually face each other. We had just visited my uncle’s grave while my dad’s ashes were being buried.

The Twins meeting in the Woods at Florida National Cemetery

There is a stand of trees between my uncle, the paved lane, and dad. I could almost see the brothers, looking exactly like each other, clasping hands in the middle of the woods. They are healthy, hearty, and whole. They hug and walk together out of my mind’s eye. I wipe away a tear.


It is a soft sound. Like a door being closed with care. The sound is behind me. Even though the sun has been shining high and bright all during the Honor Guard Ceremony, I feel it on my face for the first time. My mind grasps the fact; I have walked onto another path. This path leaves the shadows and walks in the light.

This is only a part of my week. My dear Husband and I went to St. Augustine to rest and relax. This was his gift to me, a gift of healing. I love St. Augustine. It is one of my favorite places to visit. Yes it is touristy and kitschy in an Old Florida style. But the history, Oh! My! It just overwhelms the tourist aspect. Touching the walls of the Castillo de San Marcos Fort or the City Gates seeps history into my bones.

After dad’s interment, we shared a family memories “Cracker Barrel” style with family celebrating dad’s life. Then we drove across the state, we arrived at Jaybird’s Inn* Tuesday evening hungry and tired. We walked to a little BBQ place called “Briskey’s Family Style BBQ” for dinner. Yum! They have great BBQ and comfort food. We spent the evening unpacking and then getting comfy.

To be continued (Go to Part II for the St. Augustine walk…to be posted tomorrow: “Sonshine”),


Christmastime Breakfast at the Jaybird Inn

*The Jaybird’s Inn is a family run motel on Ponce De Leon Blvd. If you are looking for a Florida Style motel with great service and a positive vibe this it! The Inn is located about a mile and a half away from the Old City. I like the distance since the parking and traffic in the Old City is difficult at best. For those who like a good walk, it is definitely in walking distance to the Fort, Shrine, and Old City.

They even have good coffee and a continental breakfast for guests. Since I avoid carbs, I liked that they had hard-boiled eggs and bananas! The rooms are recently refurbished in contemporary comfort. There is traffic noise but that is to be expected from the main roadway in front. The place is neat and tidy. And I found affordable pricing on Priceline to boot! I love to stay in places that feel more like home than hotel!  If you plan a trip to St. Augustine, Check out Jaybird’s Inn! 🙂

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