Christmas Blessings

Photo by Greg Weaver on Unsplash

The second day of Christmas has me back at work for a couple of days and thinking of Christmas blessings. 

One of my friends posted a list on Facebook describing the gifts she was thankful for this Christmas. The list described what about Christmas made her grateful. Her post caught my attention because I am grateful this year too. I wonder if this is why I’ve had such a good start to the Christmas season. Could be…

I decided I needed to thank God for my Christmas Blessings. Here we go!

  1. God has drawn me into a closer walk with him.  2018 was, in a word, tumultuous. This year I learned from my adventure journey. Thank you Holy Spirit for being my Guide.
  2. My salvation. Thank you Jesus for coming to earth as a child to live and grow among us. Then You died for me. To top it all off You defeated death in Your Resurrection. Thank you Jesus for Love beyond measure.
  3. My closest family members support me in a way only the chosen family can. These are the people given to us by God, whether we are blood relatives or not. God chooses these people to draw us towards Him. Thank you Father for choosing the people I need I my life right now.
  4. My writing. It frees my spirit. Thank you God for the inspiration.

This is what I’m feeling grateful for as the second day of Christmas comes to a close. I’ve said it before, I say it again. I am blessed! 

What’s on your list?

Happy Christmas!


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