Milly’s Plans

Making My List… (Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)

What can I say? I plan then I adjust. Back when I worked for a local water utility we called it handling the site conditions. I really do try my best to plan for a smooth run. Life happens!

So I prepped for the writers group yesterday. I made the suggested updates to Disrupted. I even found and fixed some problems in the writing on my own. I made reader copies, packed up, and got some restless sleep. It was all going according to Milly’s plan. Uh Oh!

This morning I get myself ready, pack the car, and grab the travel mug of coffee. I slide into the driver’s spot and turn the key…nothing but clicking. I rush inside and rouse my husband. He takes a look and proclaims “it’s the battery.”

Well longer story short, I can’t take his car because, while he was doing the ride sharing thing he picked up a nail in a tire. I ended up staying at home while he fixed my car then his car. Silly Milly don’t you know plans are for God! LOL

Looking back tonight, it turned out pretty good.  I took out my frustration by working on the Disrupted edits. I caught up on some neglected chores and walked to the Library. All in all it was a peaceful day.

I did evaluate this writers group. It is scheduled during my work hours twice a month. To do this I would be using eight hours of annual leave per month. Twelve days of leave in a year. That makes for a pretty nice vacation in my book.

It’s like when I look at a warm donut from a local shop. The donuts are wonderful, but I get sick after eating them. What is the point in going to something that doesn’t fit my schedule. It was not the right fit all along. I was forcing it.

Was all my planning for naught? Nope! I was exactly where I needed to be to think about what I was doing. I would have ended up at home getting my car fixed anyway so in a roundabout way it all worked out.

I also found a tidbit in The Little Blue Book devotional for today. The scripture is about Elizabeth’s question of amazement “…that the mother of  my Lord should come to me?“*

The devotional ended with this:

“Like Elizabeth, I may feel honored, touched, amazed, but I know that it is by God’s grace that I get everything – forgiveness, good ideas, the power to do good works – everything is a gift from God. All I can do is say thanks.”

I’ll keep planning, adjusting, and thanking God. Joy to you today!


*Luke 1:43-44


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