Awful Seasons

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Today my mind is on Christmas seasons that were downright awful. In my fifty-odd years I’ve seen great, good, boring, awful, and painful Christmases. There are Christmases so boring or bad I can’t remember them.

Hope was incognito in 1982 the year my sister died.  It is one of the Christmases I can’t remember. When I think of that year I only remember being numb to the world. So where is all this gloom coming from?

My 2018 season has been wonderful. The last few years the seasons have been a duty. They had their bright spots, but precious few. Until last year I couldn’t even watch Hallmark movies through my cynicism. My husband loves Hallmark movies and I would just leave the room. Bah Humbug!

As you know I read a few devotional books at a time. I rotate them on my shelf. Some days I read in all of them. Sometimes only the one on top gets read. Today, I picked up Mocha with Max by Max Lucado. Since Christmas day, I’ve been shoving this book to the back of the pile, because I’m reading “Section Eight: Life doesn’t happen without PAIN and TEARS. Let’s talk about that.

It’s the season of Joy! I don’t want to read about pain or tears! Today I shrugged and read the postcard printed on page 131:

God’s ways are always right. They may not make sense to us. They may be mysterious, inexplicable, difficult, and even painful. But they are right.”

I was reminded of my broken plans yesterday (Milly’s Plans). God’s plans yesterday were what I needed, whether I thought so or not. It’s much harder when we are broken by tragedy or hurt to see God’s ways.

It took me years to accept the fact that God actually knew what he was doing the year my sister died. I still do not understand why. It still aches when I think of her. I just accept the fact He knew best.

Today my prayers are for those who are in an awful season. I can’t fix what’s wrong. I can take it to my Father and know his ways are right.

Comfort and Peace to you this season,


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