Family Ties

Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash

I woke without one idea of where God was leading me today on the sixth day of Christmas.  I wasn’t sure what I would write about. So I followed the clues.

When I got up I wondered what I would eat for breakfast. My husband and I decided to start a four-week reset on the way we eat. We are following a plan that is similar to the Paleo and Keto diets but not exactly. It is designed to heal the brain and body by getting away from our over processed food supply.

It is strict in the first four weeks then we can reintroduce some foods. Personally, I will miss potatoes and sweet potatoes the most. I may be able to reintroduce sweet potatoes (Yay!) but, white potatoes are out! 😦

Anyway, I ended up praying for what I should eat. What else could I do? I had a thought: You haven’t made an omelet in a while. I brightened. I love omelets! I stuck my head in the fridge, “I have eggs, almond milk, spinach, mozzarella, sautéed onions, and mushrooms. Awesome!” It was so good! And my husband enjoyed it too.

I also figured out if I make a three egg omelet there is enough for both of us to have breakfast. It takes the same amount of time whether I make my omelet with one egg or three. Then we both can stick to improving our health. Thank God for excellent guidance.

Now that I was happy I went to church. I walked in to find out it is the Feast of the Holy Family. It felt good to listen to scripture and the homily about Jesus’ familly here on earth. I enjoyed the guidiance in the word on how to treat my family. Our Priest included a prayer for our families. I don’t remember it all, but I wrote down the section that meant the most to me:

“…May your seasons of sorrow turn to seasons of Joy…”

It put into words what I have been feeling this Christmas Season. I thought I would be sad this Christmas. And at times I was. Mostly I felt Joy. After walking with Dad through his last few years, I have been given a season of Joy. By the Grace of God, I can rejoice with my family.

This evening I made a gluten-free flatbread from scratch. I was unsure how it would turn out. We built Rachel Sandwiches from uncured pastrami, good sauerkraut, cheese, and homemade 1000 Island dressing. It tasted so good and good for us too! My dear sweet husband was most excited about the flatbread consisting mostly of almond flour and eggs. He declared it the best gluten-free bread he’s tasted! And let me tell you, we’ve tried a lot of gluten-free breads! Lucky for him, he picked an easy recipe! 😉

I’m pretty sure you guessed it already. My day was all about family. God has gifted me with a loving close-knit family. What is even greater is God Almighty has given himself as family to all of us. The Creator of the universe is our family.

He cared enough about me to guide me through my worries about what I would eat today. He gave me words of encouragement for living family life. He helped me find a recipe and ingredients so we could enjoy a sandwich I was craving. Like the father He is, He cares about every little detail.

“Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you.” [I Peter 5:7 NABRE]

If I have no one to trust or love right now, God still loves me. He trusts that I will get it eventually. Here’s why, He knows me from creation. He knows my soul. Thank you, Lord for being my Family.

Let’s focus our hearts on our Father God. God bless you with peace and joy tonight.


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