Adventure Journey 2019

We have so much to look forward to this year. Today is my last day in my protected cocoon. I head into a new life tomorrow.

I have spent a lot of time cocooned in my home with God and my family since the week of Thanksgiving. It has been a wonderful experience to just rest in the Lord. It seems appropriate that the eighth day of my Christmas Season starts a New Year and a new phase of my life. 

I feel a sense of anticipation and freedom. In the past year my journey was like walking through a dark valley with dangerous climbs up sheer rock face and muddy trails. I tripped and fell a lot in 2018. Several times I lost my way. I struggled. I was hurt but kept going. I stayed faithful to the end. He was with me the entire time. He did not leave me when I lashed out in anger or fear. He let me make my own decisions; good, bad, or indifferent. He supported me through the entire journey. He provided for me.  Needless to say, I couldn’t have made it through 2018 without my God in the Holy Trinity.

Today, in my mind’s eye, I wake peeling back a sleeping bag like a discarded cocoon. Opening my eyes I see a beautiful valley meadow dotted with wildflowers and trees for shade. A river meanders through it.  The valley gently slopes upwards from the river to tree covered mountains rounded by time. There is hope here.

These are older mountains that have stood in the face of storms and sunlight. They stand against the ravages of time. As I have. I am drawn towards their peaks in the distance. I take the first step on 2019’s adventure journey.   

I pray 2019 brings you many Blessings,


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