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We all make them. While I was settling in at work this morning, I thought about my evening and how much I enjoy my writing. I was thinking it is a gift to write.

Looking at the statement on the page I think, Oh man! That could be taken a couple of ways. I hope I’m not making the wrong impression. I was grateful for the gift God has given me in writing. Writing fires my soul. It is something I want to do even when I’m dog tired (like tonight).

Of course the statement could be taken as a boast. That is not what I meant to do. Good thing God knows what’s going on in my heart. Sometimes the words we write or say have multiple meanings. In a world of sound bites and quick messages the intent is not clear. We make mistakes because…well…we do!

I made one in yesterday’s blog post. I was at work when I remembered it. At lunch, I asked myself; what will I write on the eleventh day of Christmas? Oh wait I already wrote about the eleventh day…Oh No! 

When I got home tonight, I corrected my error on The Whirlwind. I thought about my correction. Should I say something or just leave it edited? Is being polished more important than honesty? Since I own this site and this is my blog, I can sneak into my little back door and make minor corrections and nobody is the wiser, except God, me and a sharp-eyed readers.

I chuckled as I imagined myself as a little girl trying to sneak in the back door to my computer. The image fueled my decision to leave the corrections in underline/strike-through. The post came from from my tired little heart and fingers last night…And the inspiration for this post was born.

The point is: On the eleventh day of Christmas I found another gift of God. He gives Love every day in spite of our mistakes and failures. He is unconditional Love.

Revel in Love today! God Loves You!


2 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. Thank you Gayle! I do my best to be honest with myself. When I look back I sure don’t want to have to remember if it was fact or fiction. I plan to leave the fiction in the books I’m writing. {big smile} I am glad my intentions are coming across. God blesses us everyday. It is good to share his blessings. You have blessed me today. Milly


  2. That was a good choice. As Judge Judy would say, if you always tell the truth you never have to worry. One thing about your blog it always reeks of honesty. And that’s very rare in our society today. Keep up the good work!


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