The Worst Drink

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Eughlck! The door to the Eldest Prince’s room slams open. Eughlck! The horrible sound is somewhere between a choke and a hard cough. Eughlck! The sound is softer. The eldest prince has made it to the kitchen. I finished a sentence and hurried after him,

I blurted a worried, “What’s wrong?”

Coffee…Tea… Eughlck! Eughlck!

A smile tried to turn up the corners of my mouth. I bit it back. I knew then what had happened. And it was my fault…

I pieced together what had happened as he reached for the water pitcher. I flipped open the Keurig. There it was… the evidence… There sat the used K-cup from my cup of decaf coffee innocently sitting on my desk.

It was confirmed, he had run the water for his green tea through my used decaf coffee K-cup. After which, the Eldest Prince had brewed his tea as he went to his room.

I had forgotten to throw away the K-cup. “Oh boy” I whispered.

Eughlck…gulp of water…a chuckle

I start to laugh. Choking out the words I said, “I’m sorry.”

He starts laughing and choking. Then he croaks “Worst taste… Eughlck…ever…I can’t get it out of my throat… Eughlck.”

Through the amused tears in my eyes I said, “there has got to be a word for that sound.”

As he remade his tea, without the K-cup, he asked, “An Onomatopoeia*?”

“Yeah that! How would we spell that sound?”

The Eldest Prince has a knack for things like this. He starts pacing the living room sounding out the sound. I’m sorry about that sentence. I have no other way of describing the process. Fascinated I watched him pacing, and making faces with concentration furrowing his brow.

Finally he said “I’ve got it.” He uttered a string of letters.

I only got the first three ‘E U G.’ I wrote them on a memo pad as I said. “What was that? “

“E u g h l e c k” He spelled out.

He looked the note over. Clearing his throat, he repeated the sound again a couple of times, correcting to the word. Then he handed the note back to me.

It said, “Eughlck.”

I said to my prince. “I think you have it! You have spelled the sound made by a person taking a drink from a Keurig disaster.”

Green tea is wonderful drink. Coffee is wonderful drink. Green tea brewed through a used coffee pod? Equals the worst drink in the world! Hands down! Eughlck!

Welcome to Milly’s Realm. And you wondered how we come up with our weird wordings. This is just one of the ways.

Enjoy and God Bless!


* Onomatopoeia – The process of creating a word that phonetically imitates, resembles, or suggests the sound it describes. [Wikipedia]

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