Mosquitos in February

Photo by EricThriller on Unsplash

Unless you live in the sub-tropics or a tropical place, I’d bet you’re wondering, “What in the world?”  Really Milly?

Let’s have some SoFlo fun.  Yep! Here in SoFlo (South Florida) the mosquitos are out and biting.  The “cold fronts” that came here in February brought rain but precious little cold.  In fact, we were lucky if the temperature dipped below 80 degrees.  One day this past weekend we hit 87 at my house!

Now if your “cold fronts”, really winter storms, are making you a little green, I can understand.  The Florida commercials show blue skies, amusement park rides, and long stretches of beach.  Frolic and play abound.  What about the flip side of all that sun and water.  This is where I find myself.

Honestly, SoFlo is a lot of fun.  Especially if you like water, hmmm, I did mention water?  Water covers our coastline.  There is a huge freshwater lake in the middle of the state.  Water parks abound.  There is a pool within spitting distance wherever you stay.  Water springs up from the earth and falls from the sky.  Even our storms’ winds are filled with water in its liquid state.

On top of everything else, the weather in SoFlo is fickle.  It doesn’t even listen to the weather reports!  As a practical mom, I suggest when you visit pack your wash and wear clothes.  You’re gonna get wet.

Here’s a fun fact about South Floridians (Native or Not).  We all have umbrellas and use them occasionally.  Most of the time, we wait for the rain to let up a bit then walk in the rain.  Where are the umbrellas?  They are in the car or at home.  I have had umbrellas actually dry rot in the trunk of my car!

By now you may be asking, “What about the mosquitos? And what does the water have to do with it!”  This weekend I found three mosquito bites itching me.  I thought how did they get in the house?  Had to be through the door, all the windows are shut tight.  Yes, we also have the A/C running in February!

I was outside starting some seeds for my herb garden and my ankles were attacked! “Aha!” I said slapping them away. “It’s been warm and raining for a few weeks.  The mosquitos have had enough time to breed and bite.”  For mosquitoes to breed the weather must be warm.  The larval stage of the mosquito must have water.  As we discussed, there is water everywhere in this state.  A mosquito only needs a puddle to breed.

Mosquitoes in SoFlo are not usually big.  What they lack in size they make up for in speed and numbers.  They are like Lilliputian-type vampires.  If you fall asleep you might end up drained of your life’s blood.

This past week, I heard on the news, this tourist season is the best it has been in years.  That is wonderful for Florida.  And with the warmer winter, it is no wonder.  Even with the ankle biters in full force, we are happy to have our winter guests enjoying themselves.

Have a wonderful winter fling wherever you are.  If you are here, enjoy the warmth.  If you are north of us, enjoy the cool.  Just find your winter joy!


P.S:  I’ll be inside reading, plotting, and writing.  Oh! And avoiding the mosquitos! 😉

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