Balancing Act

A Start to Spring along the Path (by Milly Moss in the North Carolina Mountains)

Last year felt like an uphill climb to the top of a mountain.  God entrusted me with the care of my dad.  It was a difficult trek.  We made it to the top and rested for a bit.  We rejoiced in God’s grace while we grieved.

The decisions we made were grueling.  The trail was rocky and steep.  We walked it for my dad’s sake.  We could not move forward in our goals.  Hindsight tells me it was the right path.  My dad deserved my care.  I will not regret taking the time to walk with him to the end.

Now I am caught in what feels like a thrill ride.  It makes me want to shout Woo! Hoo!  I feel joy like I’m riding at a full gallop with a horse that only wants to stretch her legs!  When riding this way the wind blew through my hair and I felt the powerful animal’s strides.  It was the sheer joy of no restraints.  I haven’t ridden like that in years.  Yet, the joy during this season feels the same.

I have several things going on right now:  The rewrite of Buried Secrets, blogging, finding the land for the cabin, learning investments, accepting criticism, discovering the writing business, setting up eBay Sales, death cleaning two properties, Signing up for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo, and breathing!  That is a bunch of plates in the air.  And that’s just some of them.  What about family, friends, and fun!

I look at this list and take a deep breath.  I need to get my balancing act together.  Flying through the thrill ride is exciting!  There is a risk.  I could drop everything and get stuck in a rut!  Is that too many metaphors?  Imagine being stuck in the mud in the middle of warp speed!  {giggle}

I see it as wallowing in the mud of self-pity staring at the flow of life flying by faster than I can grab on to it.  Of course, broken plates (dreams) are scattered around me.  Looking back this is kind of how I felt with dad’s Parkinson’s/dementia diagnosis.  My trail hit a Switchback in the road. The plates stopped spinning.  The dreams were put on hold.

This wild ride through Milly’s Realm really started with being given a word to learn: “Rejoice.” At first, I had to find the things to rejoice over.  Once I decided to apply I Thessalonians 5:16, “Rejoice Always,” to my life.  It didn’t take long to get into the habit.

God is amazing in the way he puts the pieces in place with perfect timing.  I have received some advice recently on how to handle all the many different goals we are working on.  My family and friends have been suggesting I post to my blog once a week.  I have resisted the advice.  I really do enjoy writing my blog.

Those close to me understand my ultimate dream is to be a fiction writer.  The blog is to chronicle my journey with God in life’s changes.  I hope to inspire others in their journeys.  I can still do that at a slower pace.  I just didn’t want to slow down.  What to do?  Well, I did learn something on this journey {wink}.  I took it to God in prayer.

I have been re-working my schedule so I can focus on the rewrite.  I plan to start Camp NaNoWriMo on April 1st.  I hope to get back to my goal of writing my books daily.  I am setting a goal to rewrite 50,000 words in Buried Secrets by April 30th.  I need to delegate and reassess my tasks.  One dream is to be a successful published writer.  To do achieve the dream, with God’s help I need to write the books!

After much prayer and some research, I have decided to take the advice.  In life, we have to alter how we do things to move forward.  I need to adjust my routine to keep up with the changes.  I plan to post once a week on Sunday/Monday.  I am hoping this will open my schedule for the Lord to work his way, not my way.  The journey continues…

The Lord is my strength and my shield,
in whom my heart trusts.
I am helped, so my heart rejoices;
with my song I praise him. [Psalms 21:7 NABRE]

God Bless,


One thought on “Balancing Act

  1. As I was reading, I envisioned one of those Chinese girls spinning plates on the end of sticks , have you ever seen them? It’s an intriguing Balancing Act. It takes discipline and concentration. I’m glad you’re going to once a week I find I won’t have to race to keep up with you.( giggle) and possibly you won’t have to race to keep up with yourself, keep up the good work!


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