Mom’s Day

What Causes Your Heart to Rejoice? (Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash)

Hope your day was happy.  It’s been a busy day here in Milly’s Realm.  My world has been turned upside down again in the last few weeks.  In some old ways and some very good ways

Today was “my day.”  It was a beautiful Florida spring day with rain showers and sunshine.  My wonderful husband took my moms and me to brunch at Seasons 52.  It was a grand time with great company and food.  I felt like a princess dining at mid-morning.

The eldest prince prepared a home-cooked gourmet meal for me yesterday as my Mother’s Day gift.  He took simple chicken breast to incredible by inventing a garlic lemon sauce just for me to enjoy.  How special is that!

Ah, to be a mom.  Unfortunately, these moments only last a few hours at best.  Even if you don’t have children this is the way of life.  It is why we hold the memories in our hearts and thank God for the blessings.

Some good things have happened recently. I did meet my challenge in Camp NaNoWriMo.  I edited and partially rewrote 50,000 words by April 30th.  I was able to correct grammar and sentence structure in Chapters one through seventeen.  That puts me about halfway through the novel. Now I am going back and fixing the Christian and romance story arcs.  I just got chapter one out to four beta-readers today.  Chapter 2 goes to two readers tomorrow.

Back in March, I described our search for land for our mountain home.  Well, we have been pursuing a piece of property.  The perk testing finally came back and it perks! The entire contract was dependent on this test.  Because without it, there could be no septic system and without that, no cabin.

We are very close to completing the purchase.  In fact, Lord willing the closing will take place on Friday.  We are heading back to the mountains for the weekend!  Yes, the journey lately has been difficult with my usual springtime chronic pain and other obstacles thrown in my path.  We have handled the day to day tasks and emergencies.  A piece of the dream is closer than it has ever been.

This gave me another reason to celebrate.  The path to my dreams is opening up.  God is clearing the way and helping us overcome the obstacles.  I need to stay the course and trust in his guidance.

If you are a mom, Happy Mom’s Day!  If you are not a mom, Happy Day!  God Bless you all as we walk with our Lord.


P.S:  My regular post is in the works.  It’ll be up by Tuesday night!  This weekend I should have a mountain update.  Happy Day Ya’ll!

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