Old Habits Die Hard

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Like in the movies, it is hard to kill off habits. We all know it. Good or bad habits eventually need to change.  It’s easier said than done!

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”  [I Corinthians 13:11 NKJV]

I have been meditating on habits.  This week my life was disrupted with a small disaster.  It only affected those living in my home.  The air conditioning went out in a South Florida heatwave!  The horror!

Yesterday as I dealt with a heat-induced migraine, I needed something fun to focus on.  I recalled something I learned recently.  A friend told me about a local bar and grill.  She said the older ladies go there for lunch or evening meal.

I pictured the place.  The restaurant is a two-story weathered timber building tucked in the curve behind a major intersection.  It has a nautical theme.  I have not heard anything about the food.  Figured the food was like any other bar & grill, burgers and fried stuff.

She said.  It is the place to go to pick up a widow or widower (I paraphrased here).  Say what!  I admit it.  It shocked me.  I’d never heard of such a thing.  These are people my age or older at a dive bar pickup joint?!

I burst out laughing and put my fist in the air.  “An 80s pickup joint!”  Back in my car, I said to myself through a chuckle; “Oh my!  Old 80s habits die hard!”  On my way home I drove by the place that evening.  The parking lot was full.  Beamers, Toyotas, Mercedes, and jacked-up pickup trucks took on a new meaning.

In my mind’s eye, I first saw a fifty-something redneck cowboy step down from his jacked-up pickup truck.  He brushes off a speck of dust from the chrome bumper sauntered into the joint hummin’ a country tune about lovin’ somebody.  Then I see the aging blond bombshell who has amassed a small fortune when her three loves passed away.  She’s looking for her next mark err… husband.  Those are my 80s stereotypes.  They make for a good laugh.  In reality, most are just lonely missing the love of their life.

A big part of what I remember in the 80s is clubbing and partying.  Oh yeah, there was work, school and hard times too. The flashy stories in the 80s are all about the party.  As a boomer myself, it makes a weird kind of sense.  If you want to meet someone, go back to how you did it when you found your first love.  I met my husband in a hot nightclub at a party he hosted.

Would I recommend clubbing to meet someone?  Absolutely not!  There was someone watching over me when I was searching for my mate.  I know who that is because I asked Him to help me find my lifelong companion.  My clubbing days are long gone.  Who wants to dance with strangers and go home with a headache?  Not me!

Ironically, I find I grew up!  One of the jokes in Milly’s Realm this week was “Boomers never grow up.”  Generally, Boomers hold on to youth and want to be loved by everybody.  I found walking with God, I have matured.  My mom always said I was a late bloomer!  Does that mean?

Boomers are Late Bloomers!

It could be the case.  My habits have changed.  It has taken years, but I’ve gone from looking for the adrenaline high of the day to looking for my Lord in my day.

The old ways do die hard.* When we take the steps towards God we change.  Here’s a secret, shh, just between you and me that is what Boomers dread.  Changing who we think we are.  Remember, God created us. He does not change the core of His creation.  Sin is what changes us.  He gives us what we need to mature like a fine wine.

May God bless your paths today, Peace be with you,


Oh! And have a laugh or two on the Boomers today!


*To die hard: If a belief or way of behaving dies hard, it takes a long time to disappear, and is not given up easily. [Cambridge Dictionary]

P.S.  Yes, the A/C is still out.  We are waiting for a part.  It is expected by Thursday.  I am sitting under the breeze of a window shaker! Keep it Cool!

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