Correction: Joseph

Hello all,  I found two errors in my post “Joseph” last week. You can find the corrected post here.  My correction follows.  I apologize for the errors.  God Bless, Milly.

CORRECTION:  Studying Genesis this week to learn more about Joseph, I found I made two errors in Joseph’s story.  Last week I started in Chapter 37.  This week I wanted to learn more about his birth.  His birth is recorded in Chapter 30:24:  “ and she calleth his name Joseph, saying, `Jehovah is adding to me another son.'” [YLT]

I found the first mistake in Chapter 35:  I find the Racheal dies during Benjamin’s birth.  I was mistaken.  For some reason, I thought she died on the way to Eygpt after Joseph had been revealed.  She would not be here on earth when Joseph’s brothers sold him and reported him dead.

The second mistake is with Reuben, the firstborn.  Genesis 36:29-30 describes Reuben’s anguish at Joseph’s disappearance (after his brothers had sold him to the Midianites).

I apologize for missing these details.  God Bless.


One thought on “Correction: Joseph

  1. Hi Milly, good for you! I think one of the problems in our time today is that people cannot admit that they made a mistake. When you admit that you did not get something exactly right it takes a. Person of Courage to do that. Keep studying and looking for the right answer, with God’s help you find it.


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