Mountain Adventures

Roadside Splendor (by Milly Moss)

We got back from the High Country yesterday.  It was a busy, productive trip with a lot of ups and downs.  We found out more about building our dream house and did a bit of leaf-peeping.

There wasn’t much leaf-peeping even though we gave it our best shot!  Two days before we drove up brought rain, wind, and snow flurries.  The mountains saw 60 mph gusts of wind that blew most of the leaves off the trees by the time we got there.  Yes, I admit to pouting a bit.  Not too long.  I never learned the pretty pout so my husband just ended up laughing at the face I made which made me laugh at the situation.

On Saturday we ran errands, I did some writing in Targeted, and we saw what our little slice of mountain heaven looks like in the fall.  Sunday brought a visit to our mountain church and breakfast in town.  I insisted on going back to our family’s home on the New River.  We needed to prepare for our meeting with Log Homes of America about the plans for our cabins.

We pulled together information on what we envisioned but; it was so hard.  I got scared.  How was I going to handle this process?  My dear husband and I fought.  I felt I should understand log home construction better.  We watched videos and looked at pictures.  But, I had trouble translating all of it into what I see in my head.  I’m not a good enough artist to express what I see for my home.

My husband wanted me to trust in God, him and the professionals.  I wanted to know if I can afford a log cabin.  What was wrong with going in with some answers?  Shouldn’t I at least look like I understood what they were talking about?  I wanted to be in control! {foot stomp here} I guess I can’t always have what I want. {sigh}

Instead, I went into the meeting praying, confused, and unsure of my budget with pictures and sketches on graph paper.  I met some fantastic people who listened to us describe our dream and patiently answered our disjointed questions.  My tactile self fell in love with eight by eight D-shaped white pine logs on display in the showroom.  And I could touch them too!  Warm smooth light-colored wood meant to warm and protect a home. Ah!

Log Homes of America will give us quotes for the log portion of the house plans we liked.  I am looking forward to figuring out the ballpark figures to see if we can make this happen.  The goal is to own our dream without debt once we sell the SoFlo* house in late 2020 or early 2021.  I’m sending a big THANK YOU out to Log Homes of America for listening to us and calming my fears about my choices.

Afterward, we had a healthy lunch and uplifting conversation at The Farmhouse.  My dear husband had his favorite, The Hadley (yummy tuna salad on a bagel).  I tried The Sammy (Turkey with spinach and Havarti) with a Kale-yea Smoothie.  So Good!  On Tuesday while heading back down the mountain to our SoFlo home, we took The Farmhouse’s Miles-to-go protein smoothie along with us for the fifteen-hour drive.  What a great way to start a journey!  If you’re in the Mt. Jefferson area don’t forget to visit some of my favorite places.  You will be glad you did!

It is a good fun thing that God knows us so well.  He understands my worried insecure attitudes.  When I left for the mountains, I put some books I haven’t read in my devotional area. One book is Sarah Young’s “Jesus Today.”  I started the book a while ago, but according to the bookmark, I hadn’t gone very far.  This morning I opened to page ten.  I couldn’t have stopped in a better place:



God is amazing.  Months ago I stopped there and put the book on the shelf.  Today I find the message I need, marked with a ribbon.  Absolutely amazing is our God Almighty!  He cares enough to mark the page I needed so I would find it today.

I learned Jesus does not see me as the world sees me, confused and afraid.  He sees me as He created me.  Ms. Young writes: “My approval of you is infinite because it will continue forever.  It is based on My Righteousness which is yours for all eternity.”

What a gift!  His Righteousness!  No matter how insecure I feel.  I am clothed in His Gift of righteousness and approval.  So are you.  It is His gift to us.  Reach out and take it.  I am learning to focus on what He thinks of me not what others think of me.  In this way, I can find the dreams he has in store for me as His daughter.

“I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God.  For He has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.”                              [Isaiah 61:10 New International Version]

No matter how we look to the world or how silly we feel, we remain secure in how God sees us; clothed in salvation and arrayed in His Righteousness.

God Bless Milly


*SoFlo is South Florida to those of us who live year-round down here in the heat!

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