Slipping into the New Year

Early Morning Snowfall on the New River
(Video by Milly Moss – Jan 7, 2020)

I thought I would step easily into 2020.  No such luck.  Here in Milly’s Realm, I’m feeling unsure of my footing.  The journey’s path is as slippery as the snow turned to ice on the driveway yesterday morning.

But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled; My steps had nearly slipped. [Psalm 73:2]*

We are in the mountains this week to meet with builders.  We had snow on Tuesday.  It was beautiful and quiet.  The snow muffled the world in softness.  We got our errands run and had a successful meeting with a builder.  The day flowed.  Instead of writing, I sat by the fire with my husband, something that doesn’t happen often in Florida.  I took the evening off and relaxed.  

I love it when life is moving along like a postcard.  The fire in the fireplace, soft fluffy snow outside, and I’m sipping a cup of hot tea with a dollop of raw honey.  Ah… Good things are falling into place. 

Yesterday, the snow left in the shady areas, like our driveway, had turned to hard slippery ice.  This mountain girl wannabe is getting used to the sensation of slip slidin’ away!  It reminded me of life’s pitfalls.  I don’t notice the ice on the path until my foot slips.

Around New Year’s Day, there was a small fire here at our family home.  Thank God, no one was hurt.  But the damage required our full attention.  So yesterday we needed get quotes, information, and paperwork.  My good humor had slipped away.  It was hard to concentrate on anything.  The chronic pain increased with my stress levels.  I was not only literally walking on ice, but I was slipping spiritually.  

It exhausted me.  The pain in my head and shoulders had become unbearable.  Writing this post was impossible.  The only way I connected with God was a cry for help.  I took a soak in the tub with Epsom salts. Then, put myself to bed with a prayer and a hope for a good night’s rest before Thursday’s meeting.

Today the path wasn’t so slippery.  We woke for the hour-plus ride to meet the builder.  The meeting went well.  We now have two good builders to consider for our mountain home.  We arrived back this afternoon with a few things to do before we leave early Saturday morning.  Today I am tired in a good way with minimal pain.  I can write and connect to God with thanksgiving.

On some days, like today, my steps are confident.  I know where I am going.  I’ve got the skills and knowledge to walk this part of the journey.  My step is sure and swift.  I discovered that in the past three weeks, I’ve slipped but did not fall. 

The car accident hit me with shock and fear, God turned my attention to gratitude for our safety.  The situation at work left me hurt and angry, God helped me understand that standing up for myself is not as bad as I thought.  I also learned to forgive the personal attack and ask forgiveness for my outburst.  I’m still slipping and sliding as we navigate insurance companies, car purchases, repairs, hurtful words, and stressful situations. 

But here’s the great thing, when I turn to God and hold on to His Teachings, I may slip, wobble, and slide.  But, I don’t fall and give up as I have in the past.  I keep taking one step at a time.  When I look back; it is amazing to see what God, and I overcame together.  Then, I glorify Him.

“Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.” [Psalms 50:15]

I won’t sugar coat it, I would rather not be walking this path right now.  But, with every step I make I am reminded of God’s Power, Grace, and Glory.  Praise be to our Holy Father.

Did you slip today?  So did I. Hold on to the Father’s Hand as we keep steppin’ through our journeys this week.  I’ll be the one sliding back into the Sunshine State!

God Bless,


*All passages are from the New King James Version.

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