Another Step

House in a box and ready to roll!

I looked back to see my last post. It was dated 11/19/2022. Stunned I look at the calendar 2/18/2023. Desire to write hit me full force. Oh… how I miss writing. Until this moment I haven’t written anything since November 30th. I have taken another step, a really big step, in my walk with the Lord. This step had many pieces and tasks. It consumed my days for the last three months…

This week we completed our move to north central Florida. All those hours of purging, packing, fixing, and paperwork! Yes, let’s not forget the paperwork! A packed moving truck, van and car loads, donation runs, and finally garbage trucks moved us out of our home of 29 years. I found it funny that most of my furnishings fit in the back of one moving trailer. My house in a box!

Now my home is filled to the brim with furniture and a sea of boxes. Here comes the next step on the path God has laid before us: Unpacking, more purging, and reclaiming life. The homestead is a reality now. We have sold the South Florida home and changed our address. Leaving the city behind, we return to our country roots.

The world has intruded too much lately. We have been pulled in many directions, worked too many Sabbath days, missed too many Sunday morning services. I stopped writing. This week, I wondered where I stood with the Lord.

I looked back over the last five months and realized, he walked with me through the stress and details from purchase to sale and finally to the move. His protection surrounded me as I drove from homestead to my previous house and back again several times. Let me explain, when you live in a place for 29 years, every nook and cranny gets filled. Our home was maxed out with stuff stored everywhere.

Now it is stuffed into an amazing amount of boxes in our new-to-us fixer-upper home that is approximately the same size as the home we left. It is overwhelming looking at what three months of land purchases and sales, packing and moving has wrought. I packed too much. I should’ve… I can hear the Lord chuckle at my thoughts. Then He whispers, many will be blessed by your gifts. I wonder at his plans. What does it mean? My soul only hears a gentle amused chuckle.

I remember Proverbs 16:9: “The heart of man deviseth his way, And Jehovah establisheth his step.”

We planned our ways. Then we tackled the tasks and challenges. Yet who walked with us, opened doors for us, protected us, and provided for us?.. Jehovah.

This move and sale stopped my life for three months. Life does that. We must stop and focus on the big jobs with all their little details. We sought for a place to serve our Lord. It is not where we thought we would be, but it is a place blessed by God. We had to walk through some painful trials to get here. Things we did not want to face. This makes me think about others in our communities suffering and facing big jobs. I am grateful for my Lord’s presence to see me through times when I thought all hope was lost.

Because of the last year, today I feel the need to pray for people in my country dealing with what appears to be a mishandled disaster. After many years in the environmental field, I see a a “superfund site” developing over thousands of people and their homes. It does not appear that the authorities are protecting the people. In all my years dealing with water, hazardous waste, and contaminated sites, I do not believe I’ve seen a disaster of this magnitude since Three Mile Island. We have been betrayed again by man’s leadership. I feel the need to seek God’s leadership today. Please pray with me for East Palestine, Ohio, and the surrounding states:

Lord God, You have blessed me beyond measure. At times I did not know I leaned on you, yet you silently supported me and gave me refuge when I was tired beyond my ability. Those nights You closed my eyes and blessed me with healing sleep. I am humbled by all you have done to get me moved to this new place.

There is a disaster facing those in the Ohio River Basin that will uproot families and friends for decades. They face a big job of cleaning up and possibly having to leave their homes. It appears that our leaders; civil, emergency, and corporate, have abandoned Your children. They run from responsibility and do not protect Your people. The contamination may poison the land and waters for many years to come threatening those in the aftermath. We need your power and grace to to be shown in this place for Your Glory.

Protect 1 those that walk through this disaster let no illness befall them. Protect those who bring true aid for the support of the people in these areas. Give all of them Your Strength, Health, and Protection. Heal those injured by this contamination that they may live healthy and whole lives for Your Glory. May the world see that when we are humbled and turn from our evil ways to You, You will heal our land 2. Praise be to You Lord of Hosts, the King of kings. Thank you for answering these prayers. In Yeshua’s Jesus’ name amen. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.

Prayer Warriors unite! For those of us that physically or financially cannot help in a disaster have an important job to do. Humble ourselves then PRAY and PRAISE! I feel helpless in light of the East Palestine disaster, even with all my years of experience in the environmental field of water, due to the chemical sensitivities, I cannot go near such a site. Our denomination or religion does not matter to our God. The Lord has given us powerful tools to turn all of this mess around. These tools put everything in the hands of God. Requiring us to depend only on our Father in prayer asking for His Help. Then we Glorify Him with praise Him for the unseen miracles yet to come. God’s miracles trump man-made every day!

Peace and Blessings


P.S: You can find MillyReally on GETTR at: or @MillyReally.


1All scripture is from the Young’s Literal Translation (YLT) by Public Domain

2 Protection: Psalm 91:1-3:

1He who is dwelling In the secret place of the Most High, In the shade of the Mighty lodgeth habitually,

2 He is saying of Jehovah, `My refuge, and my bulwark, my God, I trust in Him,

3 For He delivereth thee from the snare of a fowler, From a calamitous pestilence.

3 Heal our Land: 2 Chronicles 7:13-15:

13 If I restrain the heavens and there is no rain, and if I lay charge on the locust to consume the land, and if I send pestilence among My people —

14 and My people on whom My name is called be humbled, and pray, and seek My face, and turn back from their evil ways, then I — I hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin, and heal their land.

15 Now, Mine eyes are open, and Mine ears attentive, to the prayer of this place;”

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