What is Milly About?

Hi I’m Milly.

I am a mumble…mumble-four year old working mom with a husband, a stepdaughter and two grown sons. I’ve been thinking about launching a blog for about year now. I wanted to do a blog for purely selfish reasons. The memories of the zany life I have created are precious to me. I wanted something to go back to when I’m older and grayer, and have no memory to speak of then, relive the memories without making my family nuts.

I’ve struggled with subject matter. Do I open myself to the world or stay cocooned in my home? What am I good at? Do I risk scorn and ridicule by people I don’t know? Do I share my faith (Which is a huge part of my life by the way)? Do I share my hobbies? (writing)  There it’s out there! Go ahead and laugh I’m another unpublished aspiring writer – Woo Hoo. Do I let God help me go beyond the walls of my home to share pieces of my soul?

I discussed this idea with a few close friends and family. They’ve been encouraging but with all my hemming and hawing I don’t think they believe I’ll step into the digital domain. So, here I go launching blind (as I usually do things in my life). I’ll tell you right now I have no clue how to do this thing called blogging. But, maybe…just maybe I’ll be experienced in say a year…or five… Let’s enjoy life together.