He holds me in His Hands – Roots and all! [Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash]

Just one single word with has been rumbling around in my head all weekend. I can’t seem to let it go. I am noticing roots in the world around me in my garden, family, location, spiritual, historical, and future.

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Carving Time

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Carving stuff has me thinking… Yes, I’ve been watching “Halloween Wars” reruns this weekend. Carving pumpkins and cakes has me thinking about the ‘carving’ I am tackling in my life. Continue reading “Carving Time”

Confession Time

Photo by Olivia Snow on Unsplash

Normally I don’t talk about my confessions to my Lord. I wasn’t going to post this but, a close friend said I needed to share this experience. She felt the Catholic confession was kept a secret and not explained well by Catholics she had known. She’s right. I do find it hard to describe experiencing the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Continue reading “Confession Time”