What’s Left?

I find this interesting. I’ve taken care of things and others most of my adult life. Now with the transition underway things are changing. I’m so used to taking care of my guys. Then I come home and I’m alone. What? No one to take care of?…Is that relief?…Is that panic? I meander around the house wondering what I need to do. I wonder what’s left for me.

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Pain gets in my way!

I was hoping to do more with the blog during the last month. Obviously that didn’t happen. May tends to be super busy. We had a graduation and an engagement along with birthdays and other holidays. All happy things but, the darker side of my life was very present. This is the side I try to conceal, the pain side of my life. I have been dealing with chronic pain for thirteen years now. Pain frustrates me because it gets in my way.

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Graduation: The Youngest

In the middle of last month I sat fidgeting in my youngest son’s high school graduation. I’m not very good at this sort of thing. Long ceremonies patting each other on the back tend to bore me. I also have some quirks that make events with no control of over the climate, sound, light etc. difficult. I get antsy at the very least or in serious pain at the very worst.

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Welcome to Milly’s Adventures

At least I hope they are adventures! My hope is you will laugh and/or cry at my escapades. But, most of all I hope you enjoy my reflection on life.

To begin this journey I was playing with words to create a blog name. I want something different. My husband comes in to check on me because of course its past my bedtime (ongoing personal battle for another time) and looks over my shoulder. He’s trying to figure out what is on the screen. I tell him “I’m playing with blog names.”

He says “okay” drawing the word out.

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Why Milly Really?

Milly here,

Just getting started exploring is why. My theme to start with is simply: Family transitions and the multiple adventures life throws our way.

I know all of this will change in the future because that’s what happens in future tense. It never turns out quite as we envisioned. But most of the time the vision is tweaked and better. It makes me love life even more. The surprises that await.

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