I’m going to Camp!

Ahhh..Camp Coffee! Gotta pack the coffee! (Photo by Alex Holt on Unsplash)

“I did it! I registered for camp!” I said with enthusiasm. My husband looked up a little startled. Continue reading “I’m going to Camp!”



Whoa! Slow down there Milly Girl!

It is said, “Live Life without Limits.” Growing up my dad taught me, I had no limits. I could do or be anything I set my mind to. Recently, I discovered that line of thinking is not necessarily true…

Deep down, I knew it all along. I also denied it for most of my adult life. Even struggling with pain for the last fourteen years (has it been that long? Yeah I guess so). I did not accept limitations for myself.  I pushed through the pain. I told myself, “No pain, no gain!” And “Work through the pain!” Oh, and don’t forget the classic, “Mind over matter!”

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