Spiritual Roots

Beach Sunflower

We Christians talk about being rooted in Christ (the Lord) or rooted in the Word. Revelation 22:16, in my last post, got me thinking about Jesus and his roots in my life. Where did they come from? I went back and looked more closely at my Spiritual Roots. Continue reading “Spiritual Roots”



Whoa! Slow down there Milly Girl!

It is said, “Live Life without Limits.” Growing up my dad taught me, I had no limits. I could do or be anything I set my mind to. Recently, I discovered that line of thinking is not necessarily true…

Deep down, I knew it all along. I also denied it for most of my adult life. Even struggling with pain for the last fourteen years (has it been that long? Yeah I guess so). I did not accept limitations for myself.  I pushed through the pain. I told myself, “No pain, no gain!” And “Work through the pain!” Oh, and don’t forget the classic, “Mind over matter!”

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