Dancing with the Angels

Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash

In a future, not so far away, we will be praising God with our Family and Friends in our true Spirit. Continue reading “Dancing with the Angels”


Milly in the Middle (Part 1)

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

I finished the writing marathon a week ago. Deciding to take some down time to rest and think; I came down off the high realizing Ms. Milly is in the middle of a lot of stuff. Continue reading “Milly in the Middle (Part 1)”

Loss & Restoration

Photo by Dev Benjamin on Unsplash

Last Sunday, the priest on the TV talked about sacred music and its place in glorifying God. Music is one of my triggers for chronic pain. I find myself avoiding music in general. While the priest discussed how music is woven into worship, I felt a sense of loss. At home, I can control what I listen to and the volumes. But in general I don’t listen to a lot of music anymore. Continue reading “Loss & Restoration”