This how my Post started: Old School!

Tears of sorrow are what I think of first. But there are many other kinds of tears. Tears can be happiness, sadness, joy, frustration, relief, despair, gratitude, panic, peace, confusion, jealousy…I have felt all of these tears over the last year. I cried on Monday. These tears were none of those listed. I can say I never felt anything like these tears. So what are the tears I shed on Monday? Continue reading “Tears”

Runaway Train

img_2084-2I had writer’s block this week. I had all the excuses lined up. Too busy! Too wired! Too tired! Too many to dos…Then I realized; I’ve been on the runaway train. It clicked. Physically I feel like I have been through some sort of odyssey. Yes a short odyssey, kind of like ripping the Band-Aid off. I thought how can I express the metaphor? {Flash! Light Bulb Moment} Let me write what I see in my mind’s eye…

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Daily Prompt: Miniature


via Daily Prompt: Miniature

This prompt caught my eye. I can play with this one, I thought. What would a miniature post look like? Bing defines miniature as: “of a smaller size than normal.” To my way of thinking a miniature blog would not ramble (I do like to ramble!). It would be short, to the point. Lets try this shall we?

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Authoritative Pressure

NewFridgeMay2016 (2)
The Infamous Fridge

I’m still unsure of myself in the Blogosphere so, as I write my posts I grab whomever is home to read them and look for errors. Also to make sure I’m not too far out-of-bounds (for the family at least…This still gives me a lot of leeway). So far they seem to like what I write. Since they are still mostly home, it’s usually one of the guys that get dragged into my enthusiasm to read before I publish or perish…

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