Travel…Really? Can I?

Blue Ridge Parkway Late October 2014

We’re going on a trip! So I’m thinking of dreams today. Specifically dreams involving travel. By the way I’ll tell you a well-known secret… {Whisper} I’m a horrible traveler…BUT, my list of dreams includes travel in one way or another. I’m up for the dreams just not sure how I’m getting there 🙂


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Don’t Eat Jo’s Food!

img_1063-2Jo is my feisty senior citizen pup! She’s a head-strong and sweet Australian Cattle Dog. For those who know about cattle dogs she’s a Blue Heeler. Which means she’s black with white specs and a white cross-shaped blaze on the top of her head. She’s twelve now and we’ve had her since she was a year old. Needless to say she’s an institution in Milly’s Realm. Well we had some laughs this week over the care and feeding of my…um… shall I say…slightly spoiled pup.

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The Adventure Stalled…Maybe?

WindowSunI was thinking about my ‘Adventure’ over the last few weeks and found it wasn’t very fun. There has been a death in the family, tropical weather threats, finances, decluttering the house, ongoing family decisions (both for parents and kids), and insurance issues.  And that’s just the big issues. The minutiae of life continue to need attention and I get a cold! Oy! What happened to fun! I thought adventures were supposed to be fun.

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What’s Left?

I find this interesting. I’ve taken care of things and others most of my adult life. Now with the transition underway things are changing. I’m so used to taking care of my guys. Then I come home and I’m alone. What? No one to take care of?…Is that relief?…Is that panic? I meander around the house wondering what I need to do. I wonder what’s left for me.

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