Daily Prompt: Miniature


via Daily Prompt: Miniature

This prompt caught my eye. I can play with this one, I thought. What would a miniature post look like? Bing defines miniature as: “of a smaller size than normal.” To my way of thinking a miniature blog would not ramble (I do like to ramble!). It would be short, to the point. Lets try this shall we?

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My Birthday Theme – Gift of Time

A funny thing happened this year for my birthday. It happened quietly and with ease, almost a natural progression. My birthday was over a week ago, but last night I celebrated with my kids and husband. I asked for a combined Mother’s day/Birthday day gift this year. I asked for dinner out with my kids and husband. The ground rules were:

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WARNING: Some sensitive-minded people may find our dinner discussions offensive. We don’t mind if you choose to ignore our ‘free-ranging’ discussions. Enjoy…or not. It’s entirely up to you.  🙂

I called the family back together for dinner. We’ve gotten into the habit of grabbing our food and disappearing. The guys disappearing to their caves and myself busy with my laptop at the kitchen table. I yearned for dinner together for a change. I’m hoping we can do this at least once a week. You can imagine the eye rolls at my suggestion.

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Welcome to Milly’s Adventures

At least I hope they are adventures! My hope is you will laugh and/or cry at my escapades. But, most of all I hope you enjoy my reflection on life.

To begin this journey I was playing with words to create a blog name. I want something different. My husband comes in to check on me because of course its past my bedtime (ongoing personal battle for another time) and looks over my shoulder. He’s trying to figure out what is on the screen. I tell him “I’m playing with blog names.”

He says “okay” drawing the word out.

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Why Milly Really?

Milly here,

Just getting started exploring is why. My theme to start with is simply: Family transitions and the multiple adventures life throws our way.

I know all of this will change in the future because that’s what happens in future tense. It never turns out quite as we envisioned. But most of the time the vision is tweaked and better. It makes me love life even more. The surprises that await.

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