WordsTo Me, words mean something. This morning I noticed my decor. I have the day off from work today. I found myself slowing down and looking at my style while my coffee brewed. My style developed organically. I just put together stuff I liked over the years. Call it eclectic collector. I noticed a lot of words. There are always a ton of books in our house. All of us are readers. But there are other touches.  Continue reading “WORDS”

My Dead Sea Perspective

A dear friend recently posted a video about the differences between the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. I found the video encouraging. The point of the video is the Sea of Galilee is teeming with life because it takes and gives the water it receives from the Jordan River. By contrast the Dead Sea only takes water from the Jordan River and there is no life in the Dead Sea. I love the message of give and take in life. It is a reminder to work hard to achieve this balance in our modern life. However, I had a niggling feeling there was more to this story. Continue reading “My Dead Sea Perspective”