Plotting Christmas

Milly’s cactus bloomed early! Is it a sign?


This week felt like a major strategy session. The mission is the taming Milly’s Chaotic Crazy Christmas Traditions. I spent most of the year ignoring the Big “C.” Then after my Blackened Friday, I decided some decisions had to be made. My first reaction was to pull out  my ‘Nuclear Option:’ Skip Christmas 2016 altogether. Continue reading “Plotting Christmas”

Chemical Dependence: The Good, Bad, and (hopefully) Funny

Milly A-Walkin’


Humans seem to be chemically dependent. Including me! Wow there is so much for us to partake in, carbs, caffeine, proteins, and pain relievers. That’s just the legal stuff. Some are natural and some not so natural… I’m not hating on it. Chemical dependence can be healthy too.

Continue reading “Chemical Dependence: The Good, Bad, and (hopefully) Funny”