Drowning in Paper!

        Just One Pile at a Time

Early in my career in government work I had a recurring dream for a few weeks. In the dream sequence I sat in my cubicle filling out paperwork. Then I passed the completed paperwork out of the top of the cubicle. All was good as the paper continued to fall on the desk from somewhere above like snowflakes. Continue reading “Drowning in Paper!”

Travel…Really? Can I?

Blue Ridge Parkway Late October 2014

We’re going on a trip! So I’m thinking of dreams today. Specifically dreams involving travel. By the way I’ll tell you a well-known secret… {Whisper} I’m a horrible traveler…BUT, my list of dreams includes travel in one way or another. I’m up for the dreams just not sure how I’m getting there 🙂


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Milly’s Play Area

Play is fun, carefree and exhilarating right? It’s what we like to do, even when it’s hard. It can be frustrating while we are learning but, we relax and keep trying for the thrill of accomplishment. According to the Encarta Dictionary on Word play means: (verb) to take part in an enjoyable activity. But…Is it also an attitude or an approach to life?


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