Travel…Really? Can I?

Blue Ridge Parkway Late October 2014

We’re going on a trip! So I’m thinking of dreams today. Specifically dreams involving travel. By the way I’ll tell you a well-known secret… {Whisper} I’m a horrible traveler…BUT, my list of dreams includes travel in one way or another. I’m up for the dreams just not sure how I’m getting there 🙂


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The Big Brick House and Chopper Handlebars

My husband, sons, and I joke about a lot of things. This is one of those things; it is ‘age.’ It does not matter if we are young or old or anywhere in-between, we find humor in life. Another thing we do is create outlandish scenarios. At dinner…not all that long ago, I ask; “what will you do with me when I’m an ole’ grandma?” (I secretly hope)…

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Eagles in Milly’s Realm Part I – Mama Eagle

IMG_0833 (5)
Mama Eagle has the pins to prove it!


I promised Eagles I give you my Eagles! Family Style Eagles! Okay, both sons are Eagle Scouts. Boy Scouts may not be popular with everybody but it worked for us. Scouting gave my sons the opportunity to try an amazing variety of activities. In our personal economy I would never have been able to afford introducing them to so many activities and so much fun without scouting. Continue reading “Eagles in Milly’s Realm Part I – Mama Eagle”

The 80’s Chick meets Millennial Son

Yes I’m an 80’s Chick. My sons are millennials. By the way (which was in use long before BTW and texting I might add. Yes I am that “old”), I think millennials are AWESOME and wickedly funny!

Case in point: Every generation has its slang and my heyday in the 70s-80s was no different. My millennials really don’t understand my slang but I still try. Case in point here’s a text thread between me and one of my millennials:

80s Chick:                             Are you ok?

Millennial Offspring:       Yesh (I’ve learned this means Yes)

80s Chick:                            What is your ETA?

Millennial Offspring:       Eta?    Eat?   I’d love to eat

(NOTE: this is a guy child. Food is a priority).

80s Chick:                           Estimated time of arrival.  LOL well come home and eat

(NOTE: Dinner was ready BTW!)

I really did laugh out loud when I got his text. He really had no clue what ETA stood for. I don’t think he’s ever seen an episode of “Emergency”, or “CHIPS.” He may have seen “the A-Team,” “Miami Vice,” or “MacGyver” on reruns when really young.

Back in the day my group of friends used the term ‘ETA’ in general conversation. “What’s your ETA to the club?” Pretty much translated as: Get here soon or we’re going in without you! Ah…good times!

Let the good times roll!