Rejoice Always

What Causes Your Heart to Rejoice?  (Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash)

My prince’s wild night left us with lots of emotion.  We were worried, afraid even a little terrified, shocked, sad, angry, confused, and sick. In the midst of angst, leave it my wise loving mother to bring joy to the situation.

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!   Philippians 4:4

Rejoice always, 1 Thessalonians 5:16

Rejoice (verb): feel or show great joy or delight

One of the best things that happened last week was my Mom’s reminder to rejoice in all things.  She reminded me to look at everything with God’s eye for the big picture.  At the hospital, while we were waiting for test results and the IV to rehydrate the prince she said, “I want to tell you something.”

We turned our attention to her.  She reminded us this was a terrible thing that had happened.  Then, she said, “I am rejoicing that this has happened for your sake.”  Her eyes were locked with the prince’s.  She went on to detail what happened to her brother.

My uncle was the happy drunk.  He was the kind of guy people didn’t know just how drunk he was.  Most did not know he was an alcoholic.  He was a functional drunk and an all-around fun guy.  He could do his job and party.  No sweat.  Until one night the drink got the better of him.  He killed someone.  He is still paying the price for his actions under the influence.

My prince was spellbound as mom related this painful part of our family history in graphic detail.  The prince knew the basics, what he didn’t know were the details.  My mom said, “This is your wake up call. I am rejoicing that God has given you another chance.”

I found myself thanking God and rejoicing with her.  We don’t want bad things to come to the ones we love.  We want the TV ending after an hour with commercial breaks.  The kids get in a little trouble.  We parents talk to them.  The kids have an epiphany and life is good again.

My mom reminded us that it is up to the prince to make the changes he needs for the life he wants.  He is the one who decides his path.  He makes his own choices.  God handed him another chance.

As a parent, I rejoice!  I did not lose him that night.  I only have God to thank for his protection.  I do think his and my guardian angels (GA) worked overtime that night! I can just imagine the conversation:

Prince’s GA to Mom’s GA:  Hey buddy at little help over here! The kid is walking drunk down the middle of the road!  I gotta stop the cars.  Can you herd him to the side?

Milly’s GA:  Be right there let me get her snoring.  Got it!  On my way!

Prince’s GA:  Swerve dude!  That’s it go around the prince!  Whew, that was close!

Milly’s GA:  Hey, Prince come on let’s go this way.  That’s it.  Now walk on the soft grass.  No NO! Not through the hedge! Ouch!

Prince’s GA:  Whoa buddy not back in the road.  Let’s sit in the grass right here.

Milly’s GA:  Hey she’s waking and starting to worry.  No car. Where’s his car?

Prince’s GA:  Back there about four miles.  Tell you about it later.

Milly’s GA:  Catch ya later dude.  I’ll send a cop your way.  Praise God!

Prince’s GA:  Keep breathing buddy.  Help is on the way.  God has a plan to deliver you home.  He’s not done with you yet.

Since this happened a little over a week ago, I keep finding the words rejoice and joy all around me.  It is a call to action and a promise.  The call is from First Thessalonians and Philippians.  “Rejoice always!” and “Again I will say Rejoice!”  We don’t know God’s plan.  We are called to trust and rejoice!

One little action or word today could be felt years from now.  One life saved today could make an impact in the world tomorrow.  Only God knows the big picture.  We are only asked to believe and rejoice.  He has given us the clues.  We know who wins the endgame.  In the middle, it is hard to see the goal.  The promise is joy!  In Romans 8:28 the Apostle Paul encourages us:

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8:28

We make the choice to rejoice.  It is one way we show our gratitude for all that God does for us.  Joy brings us closer to the people around us.  Rejoicing in God draws us closer to Him.



P.S:  All references are from the New King James Version

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