Blackened Friday



The official starting gun for the Christmas Holiday Race is another conundrum for me: Black Friday! Oh! How it has changed, or was it me who changed? What is it about Black Friday?

Black Friday could be blackened seasoning or scorched earth. Back as a young Mrs. and mom I came away from Black Friday feeling a bit crispy around the edges but well-seasoned and ready for well…The Season! I was pumped ready for Americana Christmas Mania! Kind of like a blackened steak or fine filet of blackened fish. I was ready for the entrée that pops!

Well this year I’m tired. Actually to tell the truth, I’ve been tired of the commercialism rat race for several years now. This year I went out for Black Friday bagels and one box store excursion. I left the big box store with no purchases! I got claustrophobic after about twenty minutes of not so successful hunting. I made my beeline for the nearest door. I felt like, I imagine scorched earth feels, run over and burned to ash. At least I got the bagels!

I then turned to cyber shopping this year. Can you say confusing…overwhelming? Just what am I getting? Not sure what, but I ordered a few of the specials. Oy! Things definitely have changed. I no longer elbow my way through the crowd. I now try to stay out-of-the-way. My mean mom has disappeared. Maybe I’m getting old and miserly. Naw, that’s not it. I miss the magic. Where was it lost? I think this Boomer is finally moving beyond materialism. {GASP!} I’m speaking Boomer sacrilege!

Oh my…Am I really considering a Christmas without a gift pile. Shut your mouth girl! I’m not even sure I should publish this. The 80’s was one of this Country’s great decades of Materialism. Is an 80’s Girl even supposed to let these words pass her lips? Let’s just celebrate Christ this year? Wow! What would the family think? What about friends? Am I really considering no gifts? Whoa! Where did that thought come from? Inside me, couldn’t be? What angel is whispering in that ear of mine? [Imagine my hands on my hips and the most incredulous look on my face]

As my budding Millennials grew up the gifts pile grew smaller. I chalked it up to bigger boys equals bigger toys equals bigger costs. Since my salary has been stagnated since 2008 so has my materialism. Being a good 80’s Chick I always had hope the American economy would recover and we could go back to those blowout Christmas days.

It feels so weird but, now I don’t want it. The lowering of my personal economy has helped me find a little bit of peace. I have grown closer to my God. I have had to lean on the Holy Spirit. I want the peace. I crave it. I don’t need the noise and distraction. I need bone-deep peace. The peace I can only find in the Prince of Peace. I find myself yearning to spend my Christmas in thanksgiving for the gift of the Prince of Peace.

Decision time, what to do about my Americanized Christmas Mania. It no longer satisfies my soul. Now I’m not sure it ever did. I may have grown up {Gasp! again. Clear my throat’…}. I think it is time for a Millennial meeting. I need my guys’ input into this holiday season. The great thing about Boomers is we go full force into all we do. Lots of enthusiasm. The great thing about Millennials is they know balance. If we put our heads together we create a great plan. I’ll keep you posted on the plan to bring Milly back to earth and more peaceful. [Eyebrows raised. Since I ‘m not sure this is even possible!] It’s either that or go hide in the woods. Can you say cabin fever?

Isaiah 9:6 “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (NIV)

I pray your Blackened Friday was well seasoned and not scorched,


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