Finish the Race

A New Path. A New Goal

Okay…I didn’t run away from home this weekend. I carried my little blue bandana around since Thursday. I tied it to my purse. It reminded me that I have choices. I could fill it with protein bars at any time and run. It gave me comfort as much as the tattered panda from my childhood comforted me when I was so young (his name was ‘Panda.’ Original for an about four year old don’t you think?) It also, for me, was a reminder to pray…

I do believe what we pray for prepares us to hear messages God sends our way. For me, it was a rough week at work and physically. I needed to accept the option that I could run away. I also feel it is important to bring all the options to my higher power for guidance. What I discovered as I sought guidance was:

  1. I am in a rut! I like a life that is fluid and grows. I love to learn new things. I make changes to stretch myself. Discovery is a fascinating sport. It’s good for the mind and makes the soul awake from its boredom. [Message #1]
  2. I feel trapped. Like an animal in a corner, I want to run away. How can I get beyond the walls (the ones I created no less)? How do I free myself without tearing apart what has been given to me and I what have built? [Message #2. Sometimes messages are questions to mull over.]
  3. I am free to make choices. I do not have to stay in situations that harm me. I have lived some of my dreams and met the responsibilities created by them. This week, after prayer, I started making some decisions that will lead to new paths for me. [Message #3]
  4. Action will get the ball rolling. I know action can get the ball rolling in a wrong direction but, I have many moons of experience to make course corrections, or stop the ball if need be (Been there, done that). I will not be afraid to make mistakes. As my sweet Mom says, “the only failure is not picking yourself up and trying again.” [Message #4]
  5. I need to forgive and thank God for forgiving me. One incident this week left me wounded. A wonderful friend of mine gave me some advice (I didn’t want to hear but, needed.) I was told to forgive the person who wounded me and then thank God for forgiving me. I followed the advice. Then I felt an amazing peace and clarity. [Message #5]

I took some small steps towards changing my course. They may get me nowhere. They may change my life. Now for Today’s message to Milly was:

One of our parish priests, who I like to listen to, spoke today at Mass. I listened to his homily on the readings. I was struck by his insight on the second reading, II Timothy 4, specifically verse 7. Paul is talking of his completion of the race (his ministry).

In the Homily, Father explained how he was in a marathon and his feet wanted to quit. He had an amusing conversation with his feet, and somehow finished the race. When he finished, people kept asking “Father, how did you place?” He said “I was just happy to finish!” He closed his homily explaining that we are all in the race. It does not matter where we finish. It only matters that we compete well, finish the race, and keep the faith.

The priest imparted other wisdoms. I can’t tell you what they are. I hope those items where for other ears. The take away for me is: Milly your race is not over. Compete well and finish. I guess I need to tell my feet to keep going! I also realized. I’m not running away…yet {wink}

Have a wonderful week in your race,


II Timothy 4:7

I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith. [NAB]

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