Do you ever get stuck on a devotional? I am right now. I came across something I have read a few times in the past several years. The lesson never registered. Then BAM! POW! Batman, I think I understand…

This is what I read in God Calling Edited by A.J. Russell. The devotion for May 22 is titled “Command Your Lord.” Ten days later, here is the portion of the devotional I am still wrapping my thought process around:

Lord I claim thy help…You are no longer servants but friends…Friendship-true friendship, implies the right to appropriate. And in Gods service is perfect freedom. Heirs of God-You are joint heirs with Me in inheritance. We share the Father’s property. You have the same right to use and claim as I have. Use your right. A beggar supplicates. A son, a daughter, appropriates…This cannot be the attitude of all. There must be first a definite realization of Sonship.”

  • Supplicates: begs, appeals, pleads, petitions, beseeches, requests, implores…Appeal made to somebody in authority. [Ref. Encarta Dictionary MS Word]
  • Appropriates: takes, seizes, assumes, usurps, adopts…Take something for one’s own use. [Ref. Encarta Dictionary MS Word]
  • Sonship: the relationship of son to father. [Ref. Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online]

I had such a hard time understanding this. Appropriate from God? Seize or take what God has deemed mine? Don’t plead, appeal, or petition the King? Assume not implore? Then I realized in the physical world I do not have this example. I do not have confidence in the face of authority.

We plead a case before a judge. We appeal to our bosses and coworkers to get what we need. We beg for understanding by family and friends. The biggest realization hit me when I considered my earthly example of father. My dad and I have a strained relationship. I love my dad but, our relationship has never grown beyond my childhood. In his eyes I am always the child. He is always the ultimate authority. I have accepted the fact that he will never accept me as a fully functioning adult.

My earthly example of father/daughter relationship is Authority/Supplicant. However, I am a “son of God.” God made me in his image. Jesus paid the price to bring all the prodigal sons home to their Creator, their Father, my Father. (Note: I am using “son” to refer to human being not gender.)

God the Father gives freely to all his creation. My dad does not give freely. I have been comparing the physical world to the spiritual world. They cannot compare. I don’t know how to appropriate my gifts from God. I still fear him (don’t want to be struck dead before I learn this lesson!). I want my fear to be the good kind, you know, awe and wonder at his power. I’m not there yet.

God the Father is unique. Most earthly fathers cannot live up to his example. I have to accept that fact. Since reading this I have stopped doing a disservice to God and my dad: I stopped comparing them to each other.

Love and prayers,


P.S: My life this week has kicked into overdrive. My dad is in the hospital and we had some other issues come up that need immediate attention. I will post when I can but no guarantees since I am placing my schedule in God’s hands and working a not anticipating! (My Catholic Cursillo friends will know what I’m talking about. hmmm…maybe a post in the making)

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