Irma’s Coming for a Visit

Milly’s Hurricane Mascot

Hurricane prep is kind of like having to prepare when a not so well liked relative comes to visit. Do you open to the doors and let them, in or lock up tight ignoring the pounding on the door as best you can. Or maybe dash out of town till the visit is over. 

I’m putting up the shutters and locking down the house for Irma. She’s an ol’ windbag and I’m not letting her in to blow the roof off the place if I can help it. So my choices were do I stay or do I go?

Well after much back and forth, I’m staying. There’s lots of reasons for staying. Anyone who has faced this choice knows it’s not an easy decision. My instincts become scattered. They dash through my brain: RUN! Home! Work! Where is everyone! Are they safe! Prepare! Instincts war with each other. While the news and media scream for the run and hide scenario, if I stop and take time to breathe and think; I realize it is not necessarily any safer to run and hide as it is to prepare and stay. To me both options are equally exhausting and dangerous.

Weighing my options shows most of my family is staying. My husband comes from a large family and most live in the area. My children are staying. We are stronger when we are in a position to pull together if needed.

Why are we staying. To put it bluntly. Most of us have to work to pay our bills next week. Our workplaces need us for recovery and beyond. A big one for me is my dad. He needs a place to stay that’s not 800 miles away. I’m not about to dump my 86-year old dad in a special needs shelter and take off. Not gonna happen. It’s really hard to leave behind your family, livelihood, and home when they may need you the most.

Our officials want us to leave. I understand that. They truly want people safe. I always want to ask do they realize that I put my life in God’s hands every time I get in my car? Even on a bright sunny day this is a dangerous proposition. God protects me every day.

Yesterday I read my devotional, God Calling, before heading into the fray of work, hurricane prep, and all. September 7 is titled “Everlasting Arms.” The devotion talked about man needing a refuge:

“…a place to hide. A place where none and nothing can touch him…Say to yourself ‘He is our Refuge,’ Say it until the truth sinks into your very soul…Feel this not only until fear goes, but until Joy ripples through in it’s place. Refuge. Everlasting Arms–so untiring–so safe–so sure.”

I am reminded that God helps us with dangerous situations every day whether or not we recognize them or have a warning to prepare. This helped my resolve to trust in the Lord my God. The Governor of this great state may not like these working class decisions but he is not my god. I place my trust in God Almighty. And what is the worst that can happen? I die. What is the consequence? I meet my Lord Jesus Christ face to face. He has prepared a place for me in his Realm. [John 14:2]

Staying with preparation is the right thing for me. I am able to open my shuttered concrete block home to my dad. I will be here to support family, friends, and my workplace. I can protect myself and home if needed to the best of my ability.

Without God I could not do any of this. He is my shelter from the storm. [Psalm 55:8 NKJV] He is my refuge. [Psalm 91:2 NKJV]

Stay safe ya’ll. We’re holding the fort in SO-FLO (South Florida – Thought I’d play with acronyms (hee hee)). Place your trust  in the Lord today. [Proverbs 3:5-6 NKJV]

I’m off to make final preparations (cooking, cleaning and laundry) for Irma’s visit! Have some fun with life today! Peace,


P.S. The rubber ducky was found in our hurricane supply storage. It is now the Hurricane Mascot of Milly’s Realm! Hmmm…the mascot needs a name…Any ideas for me?


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