Winter Storm

20180321_083450 (2)
Putting out the Welcome Mat for snow!

I’m experiencing my first official “winter storm.” This is so different from storms in South Florida. It was exciting, scary, disappointing, and enlightening all at the same time.

I was excited to face my first declared “winter storm” and see how I would fare. Anticipation grew with each check to the Weather Channel, Weather Underground, or the local news. Last night’s predictions indicated one to three inches coming our way with wind to follow. Brrr! At least for a thin-blooded ‘native’ Floridian.

20180321_091613 (2)
The One Lane Bridge over the New River

Why scary? Well my inherent ‘What if’ mechanisms kicked in. What if the roads are icy? Will we slide off the one-lane bridge? Yes, there is a one lane bridge on the way to the family home. I hold my breath every time we cross it, even on a good day! {Smile} What if my head starts pounding like a good storm in SoFlo? Will my joints ache? I had to squash those thoughts right quick! I prayed for God to handle the situation and teach me.

It was disappointing when I woke about four in the morning. Some of the weather reports predicted two inches of snow by five a.m. The first thing I did was like a kid on Christmas morning. I quick-stepped to the window and peeked through the blinds. No white stuff on the ground. {Sigh} Off to the bathroom and back to bed.

When I got up about three and half hours later, light snow began to fall. The thrill shot through me. Though it didn’t stick by the river, I got to feel the flakes on my skin. I wore snowflakes on my sleeve. I am enjoying the crisp cold air and the warm fire. Driving into town (Jefferson/West Jefferson NC) for supplies we found snow dusted areas. I took lots of “drive-by” pictures. A lot are blurry but there are a few keepers for memories and blogging. {Grin}

Wearin’ O’ the Flakes!

Today the memory foremost in my mind was March 21, 2006. We took our spring break from Middle/Elementary school in the family NC home. The first full day of spring it snowed enough for the boys to make a snowman and have snow ball fights. People from the area apologized to us over and over for the “lousy weather.” We smiled because my princes were thrilled with the first snow they had ever seen.

Now twelve years later on March 21, 2018, I find myself enjoying a springtime snowfall. Maybe March 21st is a special day and I just don’t know it. Maybe it’s a sign bringing me home to the mountains. I’ll tuck that information away for when time comes to settle down with a decision.

20180321_091925 (2)
Along Hwy 16 on March 21st

The enlightenment came as I discovered the wisdom of my doctors. After much trial and error over, we’ve found doctors that combine medicine with the miracle of wisdom. Today God taught me the how I would react physically to the winter wonders here.

The winter storm proved what my trusted sages have been saying. These doctors (three of them) have told me to move from Florida to a climate with lower pressure drops and UV index. Two of my sages have suggested, I choose the eastern side of a mountain range for steadier atmospheric pressures when storms come. The family vacation home is in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains but on the eastern side.

I did have a headache from the dropping pressure but it was not a migraine. On a scale of one to ten I would say today it was a three. That is a phenomenal score for me. On any given day chronic headaches I have usually are a six to a seven on the scale. To me a three is like not having a headache at all! Low pressure systems and afternoon storms in Florida usually produce a headache rating of eight to migraine. This storm showed the prescribed formula will work.

This narrows my geographic search for the mountain hometown I will eventually fall in love with. Here’s a little secret, I’m already half in love with Ashe County, NC. Tomorrow we plan to drive down to Watauga and Caldwell Counties checking out the area around Blowing Rock, NC. What if I fall half in love with another area? I might have a hometown love triangle!

Be blessed in your journey,


20180321_084317 (2)
Too Funny!

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