Warrior Wannabe

The Warrior Inside (Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash)

My weekend started with the big dresser switch. Can we get it done in one weekend? One son has to work. The rest of us want to recoup from the week. My weekend warrior said “Oh it is so on!” Is that a creak I hear in my shoulders?

What started this? The eldest prince needed a dresser. The youngest prince wants our armoire. So…the youngest prince’s dresser goes to eldest prince. And our armoire goes to youngest son. Since we are moving stuff might as well use those strong millennials and move my dresser into the armoire’s spot. Then for good measure we are keeping an eye out for trash and give-away stuff! Whew!

I’m thinking if you find something you don’t want along the way…Let’s get it out of the house! I plan to fill Spicy Mama’s back seat with donations for the Salvation Army on Monday! And trash bags for pick up on Wednesday! It’s all part of the long-term plan. Let’s reduce the stuff surrounding us while, we diminish our stress levels in the house. The bonus is we will have less to move to our mountain hide-a-way.

In thinking about making our space more efficient I get excited. My inner weekend warrior steps up ready to battle the forces of chaos! “I am here to destroy clutter and debris! Let’s do this!” She roars. Envision Xena Warrior Princess! [For those younger than me look her up on the web (not the Disney version) She was a 90s icon] Don’t we all want to be the warrior? I know I do.

Except…I was never the strong kid. My body was built for other things. Cunning and speed yes, warrior strength, sadly no. A warrior is a warrior. He or she is biologically stronger than most. I get into a lot of trouble with my inner weekend warrior. When I pull out the warrior card and push my body beyond what it is capable of doing. I am left hurting or worse injured.

Saturday morning I ached. Lots of computer work this week has left my shoulders in bad shape. What to do, what to do? What does a warrior wannabe do? She stretches to get the blood moving through the joints. Then she plots.

Actually, it was the youngest prince who came to the rescue. No, not on a white horse but, he was armed with a phone and a motive. Due to his actions a prince from another Realm joined us in our endeavors to vanquish disorganization! What was his motive you ask? Well to go out on the town with the other Princes in the land! I say it’s a pretty good motive to get the job done.

Today I woke with the good muscular aches of a good work out. My own Prince of the manor (my husband) and I did not risk our backs thanks to the princes. But, that doesn’t mean we didn’t move small stuff and clean while they did the heavy lifting. The dresser switch has been completed. Everyone seems to be happier with the new furniture and a little less clutter in the rooms.

What did my inner Warrior learn? I don’t have to push myself to the point of exhaustion. I can trust my peeps to share the work and the fun. Yes we did have fun and laughter in the dance of moving and cleaning. We started the day with a clear goal and worked as a team. For myself I stopped my tongue from telling people how to do their job. Let the princes figure it out and complete the task as they see fit. The warrior princess breathed easier.

We are far from done on the decluttering here in Milly’s Realm. I want to figure out how we will keep the momentum going. Maybe a daily treasure hunt… I really, really, REALLY, do not want to move this entire household in three years. I’ve never been a minimalist. Remember I’m an 80s girl. More is better! Right? {puzzlement on my face} but, maybe not when packing up to move to another state. The years go by fast when you’re over forty…I guess that means I need to get a move on!

That was our weekend. How was yours? Have a blessed week ahead!


P.S. My verse for today (with my thoughts added (wink)):

A time to gain, (space)

And a time to lose; (stuff)

A time keep, (treasures)

And a time to throw away; (junk)

[Ecclesiastes 3:6 NKJV]

2 thoughts on “Warrior Wannabe

  1. Well, you’ve done it again Milly! I love the take on this verse Ecclesiastes 3:6. Can’t wait until the next revelation!


    1. Thank you. I’m so glad you are enjoying what I am learning as much as I am. God is amazing in supporting us where we are. And sending angels (a prince in this case) to the rescue! Have a wonderful day. Love Milly


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