The Whirlwind

Photo by Rachel Lynette French on Unsplash

The eleventh tenth day of Christmas was a whirlwind. At times I was the whirlwind and other times the whirlwind engulfed me.

My day started and just now settled down enough to write. It is 11:33 pm and I am eyeing my bed. I really wanted to skip the eleventh tenth day but alas there are no real make-up days on the calendar.

I either do it or I don’t. My day took me from work, to errands, to dinner, to the Writers Group (Yay!), to home, to prep, to the princes, and now to share this Christmas day with you.

I had a meeting at work. I actually forgot about it. I was buried in a document when I finally checked the reminder tab blinking at me. Oh My! I have a meeting in 4 minutes. The whirlwind consumed me. I was nervous and antsy going into the meeting. My head was pounding. the meeting dragged, by the time I got back to my office my spirit was lagging.

I didn’t take it to God. I dove into my work becoming the whirlwind lashing out to get the minutiae away from my desk. By lunchtime I wanted to cry. I needed to pull together what I would read today at the Writer’s Group. This time I prayed for help.

I knew I needed to eat my lunch and proof the section of Distrupted for tonight. I followed my Heart’s advice and got it done. After finishing the day working with my co-worker I headed out to get ready for my writing adventure. This is what I’d been waiting for all day. I felt like a kid being released from his most hated class to play with his friends. FREEDOM! Throw my hands up and shout!

Again I was nervous. I may have gotten a bit loud and exuberant at the Writer’s Group but I got really good feedback. I have some work to do on the pages I read. I’m excited to get started on them. This made my day. I like being around others writing their stories and helping me with mine.

This will not be my most polished post but I did learn something today. Don’t step into the whirlwind without God!

Sweet Dreams!


P.S:  I discovered on the actual eleventh day of Christmas that I had made a mistake in my not so polished post. I had a good chuckle on myself. A casualty of the whirlwind. {giggle} I hope you enjoy the funny little mistakes in life.

3 thoughts on “The Whirlwind

  1. Sounds like an exciting day. And I liked what you said about, don’t step into the Whirlwind without God. What good advice!


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