Preparing for What Ms. Milly?

Have a Blessed Easter (Photo by Jacob Meyer on Unsplash)

via Daily Prompt: Warning

I’ve spend my life preparing for this and that. My herb garden did not fare well this winter. I spent yesterday evening ripping out the old dried struggling herbs and preparing the soils for new herbal life. That got me to pondering while I worked the soil.

I thought about all the ways I prepare for the future. I guess you could say I’m a ‘prepper!’ {Giggle} at least in the broadest sense of the word. I would prep for everything if I was allowed. I prep for holidays, health, writing, WWIII, work, wealth, hurricanes, vacations, tornadoes, adult children, aging parents, rampaging beasts, etc.

Heck, I started this blog to help me prepare for my dreams, empty nest, and transition to the future. You get the picture. Warning, Warning! Ms. Milly! I can be hyper focused on the warnings in life. In response I find myself preparing to handle the consequences.  No wonder I get tired and worried!

Preparing for anything is fraught with warnings, planning, and decisions. Isn’t this why we prepare? I take all the warnings to heart. Every warning issued gives me pause. Everything from global war, to questions like: “Are eggs really bad for me to eat? I really like eggs…”

Living in Florida we have hurricane season. It is six months of maintaining a prepared state. After living here several years it becomes habit. What is the point of preparing every June, when I’ve already developed a habit of perpetual preparation? I keep the freezer and pantry stocked. I can feed my family for more than two weeks at any given point in time. We have fuel for the chimenea and grill. I rotate stock and have a small supply of long-term food storage. I have hurricane lamps and candles (un-scented (made that mistake with hurricane Frances! Pee-Yew!)). I can handle the storm.

As I write today, I am prepping. I am listening to the warnings. Draw closer to Christ. There are no herbs available for cooking (gasp!). Dad needs help. Something could happen to him. And the deadline for my FSA is here (I hope I got it done right).

Easter Sunday is tomorrow, I am preparing my heart and home for the holiest celebration of the year: the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ. My wise husband and I discussed our plans for Easter. We decided to stay home and relax. No family dinners or events, just prepare, rest, and write.

I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and found myself looking at the holiday offerings. I asked myself, “What will we have for Easter dinner?” The warning sounded in my head: “They will be disappointed in no Easter dinner.” The warning war began: Holiday meal vs. Need to rest. I actually wandered over and looked at the uncured hams. As I looked at the hams, a quiet voice whispered in my head, “Is this what you agreed to?”

“No.” I thought. As I walked away I smiled. It’s not like we won’t have dinner!  It’ll just be a restful meal. My shoulders drop as I thanked my Lord for the reassurance. My worry melted away.

Now I can focus on the big things that need attention. This weekend I am researching elder care attorneys, making financial decisions, planting seeds, cleaning house and my writing desk, and setting my heart on my Lord.

As I prepare for my April writing challenge I am habit building. I think about my commitment to give up worry for Lent. I replaced the habit of worry with the habit of living in the present. By handing things over to God I am following him step by tiny step. Giving up worry has been a success for me personally. As long as I stay vigilant, the lesson will last me for the rest of my life. On to the next good habit I need to learn.

Camp-2018-Writer-Profile-PhotoI start Camp NaNoWriMo tomorrow. I plan to make time for writing at least 500 words a day minimum. I need this habit to be a serious writer. I want to be that writer. The warning is: If I don’t sit down and write it, I won’t finish the book. I need to write whether I want to or not. No excuses. No make-up days. Just get the words on the page. Develop the habit. Slow and steady will finish my first draft of Disrupted.

I’m ready!

Have a Blessed Weekend


P.S. I fell short of my March challenge of 15,500 words. With this post I wrote 10,187 words in March 2018. Not too shabby. I am looking forward to the April 2018 challenge: 15,000 words in “Disrupted,” finishing the first draft, and regular blog posts. Challenge accepted!


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